We are heading into the most favourite time of year for many people: Holiday Season! School’s are nearly out for summer and we are counting down the days until we can pack our suitcases and head off to the airport or load up the car and start your family holiday with a road trip!

However you are spending your summer this year, chances are you are right in the middle of preparing for it - trying to tick as many boxes as possible on your holiday checklist. Are you wondering what to pack for your holidays and where to get the best holiday essentials, such as natural and eco-friendly travel toiletries and travel accessories that will make travelling with kids a breeze? No need to look any further Baba Me has got you covered, with everything you need for stress-free preparations and a relaxing holiday.

holiday essentials, travel toiletries, travel accessories

Holiday Essentials: 1. Get your skin sun-ready

We all love to feel the sun on our skin and most of us strive to return with a lovely sun-kissed look from our sun holiday. However, how cool would it be to actually arrive with a nice basic tan at the beach abroad?

How would you ever get a tan at home, without enough sun or time, I hear you say? Well, this is where Baba Me can help! The Eco by Sonya - self-tanning range is a total game changer when it comes to fake tan. All the products are made from natural and mostly organic ingredients to not just tan, but also nourish your skin. Furthermore, they are easy to use - so you won’t end up with the typical patchy orange fake tan look, but start your holidays with an even and natural looking tan.

If you are starting your preparations early and would like a gradual tan instead of getting an “over-night” result, we recommend the Winter Skin Lotion. If you just booked a last minute getaway and need fast results the Cacao Firming Mousse is your best bet. Read our Self Tan Guide for more tips and advice from our in-house beauty expert Beverley!

Holiday Essentials: 2. Travel toiletries

Sometimes it is a real challenge to fit everything on your holiday packing list into your checked baggage without going over the strict weight limitations. One way of avoiding those charges for an overweight suitcase is to keep your heavy toiletries at home and just take what you need with you.

Since the handy travel size toiletries you can pick up in every chemist shop create a massive amount of unnecessary plastic waste, why not invest in solid toiletries instead. This is almost always possible.

Opt for a soap bar instead of shower gel, get solid shampoo and conditioner for your hair care routine and for a bit of bath luxury in your hotel room take a bath melt or two with you. Other than the plastic waste you save going solid for your holidays has a few more advantages: You can pack them in your hand luggage without having to comply to the usual limit on liquids and you don’t have to fear any leakages that will destroy everything else in your bag. Solid soap & shampoo also lasts longer than their liquid counterparts so you are totally winning with this!

While the Warrior Botanicals Deodorant Cream is not solid and would still fall under the hand luggage liquid regulations when flying - it is a very effective and all-natural alternative to your conventional chemical-laden roll-on or spray. One tub lasts about 3 to 4 months, so even, if you are heading off on a trip around the world the Warrior deodorant cream will not let you down!

holiday essentials, travel accessories, travel toiletries

Holiday Essentials: 3. Suncream

Suncream is a staple on the list of travel essentials for pretty much any sun holiday. It is important to protect your skin from the damaging UV-rays of the sun. This also applies, if you already have a tan or are not prone to sunburn - even though you can’t see the damage straight away, your skin will still react to the UV-rays. This doesn’t just let you age faster but also increases your risk for skin cancer later on in life.

In order to protect your skin from any type of sun damage, you don’t need to overload it with harsh chemicals, which is not only bad for your body, but also the environment. The chemicals in conventional sun protection are actually impacting marine life and coral reefs. Thankfully this realisation is prompting beauty companies to create alternative products that effectively protect and nourish your skin with natural ingredients while at the same time not causing any harm to the marine environment. EQ Evoa has created the first marine safe natural sunscreen - it is available in SPF 30 and SPF 50 - so you can choose what’s right for you and your family and rest assured that you are taking the best possible care of them and our oceans!

However, even if you are protecting your skin with sunscreen, it will still need an extra bit of dehydration and nourishment afterwards. Especially the combination of a lot of sunshine and salt water can leave your skin very dehydrated. So another must-have for your family holiday in the sun is good after sun or body lotion. We are big fans of the Eco by

 Sonya Coconut Body Milk, which is designed to hydrate every skin type without irritating sensitive or eczema-prone skin. If you start to use this on your holidays, chances are you will continue to use it throughout the year as it leaves your skin with a beautiful healthy and soft feeling.

Holiday Essentials: 4. Babywearing for the win

holiday essentials, travel accessories, travel toiletries

Are you already dreading the time you have to spend at the airport, queuing up, checking in and walking for miles to find the right gates? While this was just part of travelling when it was just you, it can feel like torture with small children.

This is one of those situations when a baby carrier is a godsend! It doesn’t matter, if you are travelling with a newborn or a toddler, a carrier can come in handy for children up to the age of 4 and sometimes even beyond that. With your little one safely strapped to your front or back, you can not just relax as you don’t have to watch them like a hawk anymore, but you also have b

oth your hands-free to navigate a fully loaded trolly or carry your hand luggage.

Babywearing doesn’t just take the stress out of travelling itself but is also very practical on holidays. Ever tried hiking with one of those small holiday buggies? No? Well, let me tell you: It’s a disaster as soon as you leave a smooth road surface. With a baby carrier, however, you can explore even the most remote places with your entire family!

While the Lillebaby Stretchy Wrap or the Baby K’Tan Carrier is perfect for holidays with babies, the Lillebaby Complete All Season is our go-to carrier for older kids. The stretchy wrap and K’Tan Carrier are very lightweight and can easily be packed up for day trips, but also offer great support for carrying your little one. Once your child weighs in with a bit more pounds and you are off to discover your holiday destination you want to make sure you don’t end up with a damaged back or muscle ache afterwards. This is why we love the Lillebaby Complete All Season so much - it offers incredible support for yourself AND your little one so you are both comfortable even when carrying for long periods.

Nervous about the plane, train, bus or car journeys with your kids? Read our blog: Travel toys - holidays with children made easy!

Travel Essentials: 5. Reusable Day-trip options

This is not just an essential for summer holidays away, but also for when you are staying at home and taking some day trips. Are you tired of returning from your days out with multiple plastic water bottles, countless snack-wrappers and takeaway containers? Avoid the overfilling your bin this summer by planning ahead and investing in some reusable options instead.

A good way of saving on some plastic waste during the summer break is to get every member of your family a PUNC bottle. Fill them up, pack them and refill them when your out and about. Many big cities have some refill stations or drinking fountains where you can fill up your bottles - just check with the local tourist information for their locations. If you are in a more rural area, ask in coffee shops or pubs, they are mostly happy to fill your stainless steel bottles with tap water. If you are having no such luck you could always bite the bullet and get a 5-litre water bottle in a supermarket to distribute the water into your bottles - this is not just cheaper, but still saves some amount of waste.

Instead of buying snacks in small quantities when out, add them in bulk to your weekly shopping and take them with your in the handy little Snack’n’Go packs. Same goes for sandwiches, rolls or other food - prepare them at home and just take them with you. You can either use a traditional stainless steel lunchbox or get a Boc’n’Roll wrap, which works pretty much just like cling film. Instead of throwing it out though you just wipe it clean or throw it in the wash and reuse it for your next day trip. Very handy: Once you unfold the Boc’n’Roll it doubles as a placemat!

Where are your holidays taking you this year and what travel essentials will you take with you?