Holztiger: The Story Behind the Brand

holztiger-the-story-behind-the-brand-1Holztiger wooden toys have been played by children all over the world for decades. These toys represent European ingenuity, play value and high safety standards. Each wooden toy is beautifully crafted from responsibly sourced materials like maple wood and beech wood and then finished with non-toxic water-based paint. Holztiger toys feature rounded edges and smooth surfaces making these toys 100% safe to play. They made sure that little children can easily hold these toys so each toy is just the right size for children’s tiny hands.

Holztiger is part of the German toy maker Gollnest & Kiesel. Gerhard Gollnest and Fritz-Rüdiger Kiesel formed the toy company and began manufacturing toys 34 years ago. Even from the beginning, Gollnest & Kiesel has been committed to making toys that are sustainable and foster early learning. The founders believe that whoever takes something from nature must also give something back to it. This is the reason why they only use sustainable and responsibly sourced wooden materials for their toys especially the Holztiger brand.

Holztiger Mission & Vision

Launched more than 15 years ago, Holztiger started from a simple idea. Children learn about the world through play. They can maximise their learning potential by playing toys that are simple, fun and foster learning in so many ways. Holztiger toys are designed to encourage children to engage in imaginative play and expand their imagination. Additionally, their toys are modeled after objects and creatures children encounter in their daily lives. Each Holztiger toy features a minimalistic design to promote discovery and exploration of new ideas.

The Holztiger Creative Process

During the conceptual stage, Holztiger designers start making their toys by conceptualizing and making a draft of what a toy looks like. Once they finalise their designs, they make a contour of the toy’s figure onto a piece of wood. Afterwards, the wood is carved, primed and sanded to make sure all edges are rounded and all surfaces are smooth. Holztiger artists then hand paint each figure with non-toxic paints. These paints retain and allow the natural grain of wood to show through. A final protective coat of water lacquer is applied onto each Holztiger toy to make sure these toys are resistant to saliva and perspiration. After all, they are marketed to little children that love to explore their surroundings using their hands and mouths. Once the toy is painted, it will go through a series of safety checks to make sure it conforms to European and international safety standards on kids toys.


All Holztiger toys are made from sustainable and ethically sourced wooden materials. These wooden materials include maple wood and beech wood which are native to forests in Southern Germany. Holztiger sources these wooden materials from lumber suppliers certified by the German government.

Environment Conservation

Gollnest & Kiesel plants an estimated 25,000 trees annually for every newborn child born in Schleswig-Holstein, considered to be Germany‘s least wooded federal state. Since 2004, more than 400,000 trees that include beech, maple and oak have been planted this way.


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