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Natural Home Fragrance - Gorgeous Scents, No nasties

We have a great range of natural home fragrance including scented candles, wax melts, reed diffusers and essential oils that will make your home smell amazing without the use of petroleum or chemical scents. 

Natural Candles and Home Fragrance

Choosing a fragrance for your home is a bit like choosing a perfume. The scents we choose can affect our emotions, promoting calm and relaxation, invigorating us or helping us concentrate. And smells can evoke memories, cookies baking can take you back to your grandma's kitchen, and fresh cut grass on a summers day might remind you of seemingly endless summer holidays as a child.

At babame, we think the fragrances we choose for our home should not only smell divine but be as natural as possible with no nasty chemicals and no synthetic fragrance. As such we have chosen a great range of high-quality soy wax handmade candles, reed diffusers packed with essential oils and herbal incense sticks to fill your home with fragrance in whichever way suits you best.