How a Toy Till Can Improve Dramatic Play

How a Toy Till and Other Accessories can Improve Dramatic Play

Children begin to play pretend from the time they are toddlers. They might be playing with a doll pretending to be mummy, stomping through the house pretending to be a dinosaur or being the owner of an ice cream stand complete with their very own toy cash register.

Children will play pretend with nothing more than a stick and a cushion, that’s the joy of make-believe, you can be anything you want and so can the objects you find around you. But there are some great toys and accessories that can really enhance dramatic play.

What is Dramatic Play

Dramatic play is the type of play where children give themselves and each other defined roles that they then act out. It might be pretending to be you, a cook, a fireman or someone else they have seen in real life, or it may be more in the realm of fantasy, pretending to be superheroes and villains, dinosaurs and dragons.

This type of play is crucial for children to their imagination and creativity as well as many other key skills including problem-solving, narrative thought, social skills, empathy, self-confidence, vocabulary and communication skills.

Children will use various props when they engage in dramatic play and having these toys available to them can be a great way to encourage them to play pretend. This type of imaginative play is very different from simply being entertained by a toy, or playing a board game or building with blocks etc.

How Can a Toy Till Improve Dramatic Play?

There are so many toys and accessories you can get to enhance and encourage dramatic play, as well as showing children that they can create anything they wish using their imaginations.

Having a toy till is great for dramatic play as children can pretend to be cafe owners, shop keepers, market stallholders, pet shop workers or anything else where money changes hands. But if they don’t have one make one together or show them that they can pretend a tub or box and some beads or buttons are a till and money.

This one prob can lead to lots of imaginative scenarios where children can wear different hats, let their creativity run wild and learn lots of great new skills.

Having a toy till can also really increase the educational element of play and you get to teach your children about maths and money without them even realising there’s a lesson taking place.

Role playing games with money where children learn how much things are likely to cost in real life, how many pennies are in a pound, how to work out the change someone is due, and that money is finite and so they might have to make decisions about which things they wish to buy are all great lessons your children can learn through playing with a toy till.


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