How Are Holztiger Animals Made?

how-are-holztiger-animals-made-1Holztiger is a German toy maker that is known for their wooden toys. Their wooden toys are popular, particularly their wooden animal toys. Little children love playing Holztiger wooden animals because they are cute, come in vibrant colours, easy to hold and have expressive faces. Parents love buying these wooden animal toys for their children because these toys provide more than just fun. These toys are fantastic early developmental toys that facilitate in so many ways. Children learn through play which means providing them with toys that facilitate learning is essential during their developmental stage.

All Holztiger toys are handmade and everything starts from an idea. Designers at Holztiger HQ conceptualise ideas of wooden animal toys that represent the core values of the company. All Holztiger wooden animals are known for their whimsical and charming facial expressions which make them the perfect toys for imaginative play. Imaginative play is important during a child’s early learning stage. This is the stage where children develop a wide range of skills. Children need to learn these essential skills for them to perform certain actions when they become less dependent on their parents and for when they start going to school.

Holztiger aims to provide wooden animal toys that little children are familiar with. These are animals that children often see in movies and television shows, hear and read from children’s stories and sing about in nursery rhymes. Playing with these wooden animals allow children to act out scenarios based on their experiences.

During the conceptual stage, Holztiger designers put their ideas into drawings and bring these drawings into life by stamping contours onto thick wooden boards made from maple and beech wood. These wooden materials come from trees native to the forest of Southern Germany. Holztiger sources their wooden materials from government-certified lumber suppliers. These lumber suppliers adhere to ethical and sustainable processes in producing lumber resources. Sustainable management of resources means we replace resources that we use so that we can use them without worrying about depletion of resources. Wooden toys have existed for hundreds of years and they remain popular because these toys are sustainable and have a certain timeless appeal to them.

After stamping, the contour or figures are then cut out using a specialised saw. The wooden cutout then undergoes different processes to make sure all edges are rounded and rough surfaces are smooth off. These processes are in place to make sure that these wooden toys are safe to play. The wooden cutout is primed and sanded one last time. After which the wooden toy is hand-painted by artisans with non-toxic water-based paints and dyes. They also hand-paint their toys with a final protective coat of water lacquer to make sure that these toys are resistant to saliva and perspiration especially for children who developed a nasty habit of putting objects and toys into their mouths. Each toy then undergoes rigorous quality checks to make sure they conform to European and international safety standards on kids toys.


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