How Do 10 Year Olds Play?

Play is an essential part of children’s development. It helps them develop and learn many skills that will be useful throughout their entire lives. A better understanding of how 10 year olds play will guide you on what toys & games to buy for them, and how to make the most out of their time spent playing with these toys.

Arts and Crafts Projects

Arts and crafts projects allow children to freely express themselves. While painting, drawing, modelling or creating a craft, kids can learn to find unique solutions for their works on the basis of their creativity. Combining their ideas together with the materials around them, they develop their own skills to make something new. It is possible that your kids take part in arts & crafts activities at school, but apart from that, it would be wonderful if you could find an opportunity for your kids to discover the joy of creating at home!


At age 10, most children have built stronger social relationships with their peers and they are drawn into organised team sports. The school playground is now not just for spotty-legged kickabouts but more structured games in a team. It is the start of an important stage of team sports, which lasts until they are well in their teenage years.

Children this age also love doing any activity with their peers. Be it sports or doing experiments together, they want to socialise and interact with other children.

Some children may prefer to engage in solo sports like swimming and gymnastics. And this is totally fine.


When your children reach the age of 10, most of them have grown curious about the world around them and taken up a special interest in the sciences. And this is the perfect time to introduce them to STEM learning.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It is a curriculum based on the idea of educating children in these four specific disciplines. STEM education is designed and meant to give your child an edge when it comes to college preparation.

As technology and innovation advance, so does our dependence on them. Nowadays, toys emphasising STEM are more popular than before. Since they are widely available, they have become more affordable too.


There are a lot of books to choose from, but be careful when you do so for your child. These days, there are a lot of controversial books that seek to normalize violence and other bad behavior. You want to choose titles that are not going to push a political or social message onto your child. Instead, stick with ones that are just enjoyable without any hidden agendas.

Board Games

At age 10, most children love playing challenging games. While most of them are still developing their skills and learning more about the world around them, age 10 is the age when kids start to understand rules and logic. For that reason, board games for 10-year-olds are designed to be a lot more challenging than games for younger children.

Strategic board games like chess and traditional ones like Monopoly provide wholesome fun not only for your child but the entire family as well. Great bonding opportunity on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


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