How Do 7 Year Olds Play

It's important for parents to know and understand how their 7 year old children play so that they can make the right decisions when it comes to buying toys and encouraging their kids to participate in various activities. Parents need to know which toys are appropriate for their child and which toys should be avoided.

As a parent, you’d want your child to enjoy what he or she is playing. You’ll want to ensure that your child is having fun while learning new things from these activities. If you want your child to be able to participate in whatever activity they like, it’s important that you understand how they play.

Outdoor Activities

At age 7, children have already developed their physical skills. They are able to run faster and have better coordination. Kids at this age can be easily motivated in joining outdoor activities such as scavenger hunt, riding a 2 wheeled bicycle and gardening.

They’re also able to enjoy the company of others and are more socially active. They love playing with their friends and will invite their friends to come over your home and play with them.

Some children at this age are also ready for organised and team sports like football, tennis, baseball and dancing.

It’s highly recommended that the entire family bond and do fun outdoor activities together. Kids at this age are still developing their physical skills and it’s always good for their development if they stay active.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts, when used in school or at home, have wonderful benefits for the emotional, physical and social development of kids. These activities allow children to express themselves in a creative way and encourage them to make something amazing with their own hands.

They also give children some extra time off from studying and let them start having fun with their peers instead. And doing art projects is a good stress reliever too!

By teaching kids how to do arts and crafts then they will be more likely to create a masterpiece of their own. You don’t even need expensive arts and crafts supplies and materials either. When doing arts and crafts, you can use a variety of materials: paper, paint, seeds, clay, parts of an old toy, etc.

Board Games and Puzzles

It is essential for developing the young child’s thinking, creativity, motor skills and more. Puzzles and board games are an excellent educational toy to help your child learn.

At age 7, most children are ready for challenging games and mind stimulating activities like puzzles. Parents can easily start to introduce educational board games at this point. While board games may not require a lot of brain power, puzzles do. This can help your child at the very least learn how to focus on one thing and not let distractions get in the way.

Make Believe

Imaginative make-believe play is just about the only thing that seven year old children retain a passion for. Even if they have started to develop the capacity to recognize and relate to people’s feelings, children may still indulge in this type of play, which enables them to role play scenarios without becoming overly involved in them.


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