How Do 9 Year Olds Like to Play?

Play is a huge part of childhood development. In the first few years of your child’s life, their primary goal is to learn about their world. Everything they do is in the pursuit of learning. Play allows children to explore, create, and imagine.

Playing is a huge part of childhood development. It’s where children learn the majority of what they know, it promotes health and well-being, and helps with emotional growth. Play can take many forms; some toys are educational, some promote learning through experimentation, others need physical skill to play and can help with hand-eye coordination. All play is different but one thing that stays the same is that all kids love to play.

When children reach the age of 9, the way they play may change but the learning and developmental value of play remains the same. Knowing how your 9 year old child plays will give you an idea on what toys to buy for her to support her continued development.

STEM Learning

Science and technology, when applied to teaching and playing, can be naturally integrated into nearly every activity that children do. There are toys and games that emphasize science, technology, engineering, and math. And at age 9, most children are ready to learn some STEM concepts directly.

STEM Learning is the fastest growing and most-used curriculum in the educational world. STEM emphasizes the core areas of math, science, engineering and technology to inspire students to think creatively and engage in lifelong learning.

It helps students recognize their talents and figure out how to use them to make a difference in the world. Most importantly, STEM gives students a new sense of confidence that can help them overcome real-world problems.

Imaginative Play

While children at age 9 are now required to focus on more academic subjects, there is every reason to believe that they still benefit from imaginative play.

Children in this age group are still developing. And imaginative play offers so much developmental and educational value which is why many experts recommend allowing children to engage in imaginative play until they move on to other areas of interest.

DIY Projects

As they grow older, children seem to love spending time with their peers. As parents, it is hard not to notice the transition your child is going through. You will start to notice that he or she has started spending a lot of time doing DIY projects with his or her friends.

There are many simple yet fun DIY projects that both you and your child can enjoy. It’s a wonderful bonding opportunity for both of you and gives you a chance to know more about your child. Ask what your child wants and what she’s interested in and buy the most appropriate DIY project that supports her interests.

Board Games

At age nine, they are ready to exercise their minds and take on some brain teasers and challenges. A perfect game for such an occasion would be the Five Crowns board game. Board games are educational toys that will help your child in various fields of development. A board game can support your child's development by providing intellectual and motor fun.


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