How Do Eco Friendly Cleaning Products Work

We are all aware of the need to think more carefully about the things we buy and use. Whether it’s eco-friendly cleaning products that don’t pollute our water systems or opting not to buy water in a plastic bottle.

We want both a clean home and a green home and that means choosing eco-friendly options that really work. We need to know that our clothes, dishes and homes will still be sparkling clean, we need to know the products will be safe for our families and the planet, and we need to know that they will get rid of any hidden nasties.

Despite the fact that 100 years ago almost all cleaning products were natural, now the majority of soap and other cleaning products are petroleum-based or made of synthetic chemicals. Many cleaning products and detergents are great at cleaning and will easily shift stains or kill bacteria. But they can also irritate our lungs and skin and be incredibly harmful to the environment.

Natural cleaning products such as the Ocean Saver range are powerful and effective alternatives to standard cleaning products. Their range is all plant-based, non-toxic, not tested on animals and ocean-friendly.

The anti-bacterial spray is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria so it works just as well as any other anti-bac spray. You still wouldn’t want to get it on your skin or in your eyes and you still need to keep it out of the reach of children. This is a product that is designed for effective cleaning just without the environmental impact. Because not only is it plant-based and non-toxic, it also comes without water meaning it’s plastic-free as it needs a lot less space and fuel to transport it. You can buy a reusable bottle or simply keep your old one.

If you are using eco-friendly cleaning products there is no reason they won’t be just as effective as their chemical counterparts. You should always read the label to make sure you are using them properly as you may find you need to leave a surface cleaner on for longer or use a different quantity of laundry detergent for example. But we’ve found that natural options work just as well as chemicals and they are safer and generally smell better too.

For centuries our ancestors have used natural cleaning products making use of natural enzymes, acids, alkalis and surfactants to assist them in cleaning their bodies, clothes and homes. Soap nuts, for example, have long been used for cleaning, they contain saponin, a powerful natural surfactant that reduces the surface tension of water helping it to release oils, dirt and grime.


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