How Do I Choose the Right School Bag?

Kids Bags

When it comes to choosing the best bags for kids, backpacks are a great way to organise all of your school supplies. They are much better than using a messenger bag, or even a duffel bag as they spread the weight out evenly across your back. Backpacks, when used correctly, are the best option as they evenly spread the heavy weight of school stuff across the back. When worn properly, the weight of a backpack is distributed evenly across the shoulders and back, and shoulder and neck injuries are much less common.

However, if used incorrectly they can cause back pain or put strain on young growing muscles. Many children suffer from back aches because they carry too much with them at the same time. It's not uncommon for a child to have a backache because he or she has too much stuff in her school bags.

A child should not exceed 15% of his or her body weight when they are carrying a school bag. Most times parents will opt for a backpack for a school bag, as these are the easiest for children to carry. However, the weight of a backpack can be too much for a small child to handle. If a child is carrying a backpack that is too heavy, it can cause them to bend at the waist or to arch their back. This can lead to shoulder, neck and back pain.

As many as one-third of school-age children wear backpacks on one shoulder, thinking that it is more comfortable or looks better, but in fact it is more likely to cause shoulder pain and strain. It is common for children to lean to one side when carrying a backpack. When you are carrying a heavy load on your back, you are putting yourself at risk of injury. Young children are particularly at risk because they are usually smaller and carry more weight compared to their body weight.

However, for very young children, don't panic too much. Some battles are not worth fighting and if your headstrong toddler wants a lion on their bag, even though it might not be the best quality, it might be easier just to let them have it. My mother always taught me to choose my battles wisely and choosing to battle a toddler first thing in the morning, over the colour of their backpack.. may not be the wisest. It is important that your child finds a backpack that he or she will enjoy using.

If your child likes to play with a particular style or cartoon character, or even favourite animal, but it's too big or too small for his or her size, it might be easier to let them have it, knowing as a toddler they probably won't be carrying too much.

If you really want them to go for the bag you have bought, you can always add their style to it, through keyrings or trinkets attached onto it. This is a great place to display your child's favorite things.

A reflective vest or jacket is a great way to make your child more visible in the event that he or she is walking or jogging by a busy road. A reflective stripe on your child's bag is a great way to make your child more visible in the event that he or she is walking or jogging by a busy road. You can find reflective materials at your local sporting goods store. You can also make your own with reflective thread.


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