How Do Playsets Support Early Learning and Development

Playsets and toys play an important part in a child’s early learning and development. Playing with toys that have educational value is the earliest form of education that a child can experience. And playing allows children to learn more about their surroundings and help them improve foundational skills.

Knowing and understanding the role of toys to your child’s development allows you to buy the right toys and playsets not only to entertain him but to help him develop at an early age.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills refer to abilities to control the small muscles of the hands, wrist and fingers. These skills are important for your child to develop at an early age.

The development of these small muscles is critical to a child's ability to write, paint or draw. These fine motor skills also help them with other important daily activities such as tying their own shoes. Kids can use the following toys and activities to hone their fine motor skills and strengthen their fingers, wrists and hands.

Fortunately, there are many playsets that encourage children to play using their hands and fingers. For instance, building blocks and construction toys are good for children because while they build structures they are effectively improving and refining their fine motor skills.

Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are abilities that allow people to use a large group of muscles. These can range from things like running, jumping, dancing, or even sitting.

There are many playsets that promote physical play and also encourage children to be more active. Toys like push alongs, pull alongs and balance boards are only few toys that are good for physical and gross motor skills development.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive skills are the building blocks of intelligence. Those core skills are the foundation for learning, reasoning, memory and attention. Improving one or more cognitive skills can help children learn how to solve problems, learn faster, and improve how you perform various tasks.

Playsets that encourage children to think and explore are good for cognitive development. Toys like shape sorts and other sorting toys help children develop solid problem solving skills while teaching them about logic and basic math.

Imagination and Creativity

Imagination and creativity offer children a fun way to relate to the physical world while allowing them to develop solid problem skills and critical thinking. Any kind of play that involves engaging a child’s imagination and creativity is an important part of any child’s development.

Imagination helps a child to break out of the mold and think outside of the box, which is critical in solving problems and developing their own opinions. Creativity allows a child to develop as an artist and create something that no one else thought of.

Language and Communication Skills

Playsets that allow children to learn new words to expand their vocabulary and improve upon their communication and language skills are also important during their early development. Reading books with your child can significantly improve his language and communication skills. It’s also recommended to encourage your child to speak up and tell his own stories so that he can use newly learned words.


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