How Do Reusable Produce Bags Work

Reusable bags: How do they work?

Reusable produce bags work to replace plastic produce bags and avoid the need to buy pre-packaged fruit, veg, bread and even nuts, pulses and grains.

It's exactly the same principle as reusable bags in that you take them to the store with you and use them to bring your shopping home, minus the single-use plastic.

When you get the food home you pop it straight in the fridge or cupboards, no need to unpack as the bags are breathable so will allow food to stay as fresh as possible.

The other benefit of organic cotton bags is you know that there is no risk of harmful chemicals leaching out from the plastic into your food.

Once you have eaten the produce you can either use the bags again straight away or if they need cleaning you can just pop them in the washing machine. For many foods, you won't need to wash the bags each time you use them, but make sure you remember to wash them every now and again to stop bacteria build up.

How to choose the best reusable produce bags

In order to love and use your produce bags they need to be fit for purpose and be easy to use.

First off, think about what you buy in plastic bags on a regular basis. Maybe you buy half a dozen apples every time you go to the supermarket, a couple of jacket potatoes, carrots, bananas, broccoli, a few parsnips, croissants for breakfast and a loaf or two of bread.

Next think about whether you really need a bag or if you just put things in a plastic bag out of habit. You probably don't want loads of apples, or sprouts rolling around in the bottom of the trolley and on the conveyor belt, but a single lemon or a bunch of bananas that naturally come in their own packages probably don't need a bag at all.

Bread and pastries will get bashed up and make a mess if they are not in a bag of some sort, but a head of broccoli really doesn't need or want to be wrapped in plastic.

Once you have a list of things you are most likely to need bags for then you can decide on the best bags for the job.

Potatoes like to be stored in the dark so a cotton bag is best, cotton also absorbs any moisture which keeps the potatoes dry and will help them last longer.

Bread and pastries also prefer a solid bag, most fruit and vegetables however are better in a mesh bag. Mesh bags are easier to use at the supermarket as you can see the contents at the checkout and of course, you can see what you have when you look in the fridge.

Next up we look at stainless steel lunch boxes that can be used both for taking food with you when you go out and to store food at home.

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