How Do You Clean a Toy Car


Toy cars for kids is one of the most popular toys among children. Kids love to play these toys as they can feel freedom and independence. It is also a good way for parents to bond with their children. Toy cars are also a good tool for introducing your child to the concept of standards and boundaries like traffic rules and so on in a very light hearted way. Above all, these toys help children explore their imagination and creativity by letting them create different scenarios with these vehicles whether they are racing against each other or just making their own roads. The best thing about toy cars is that they offer hours of fun both in playing games with it and repairing it when damaged or broken as well. However your child plays with these toys, they are bound to become dirty and in some cases, covered in mud and grime. It is important to know how to clean these toys to protect your children from germs and bacteria.


There are a few things you can do to make the entire cleaning process easy for you. Depending on where your child is playing and how he plays with his toy cars, you might need to remove mud, dirt and grime from these toys. If they are made from plastic and have no electrical parts and are non-battery operated, you could soak them in water for a few minutes to soften any dirt. However if they are made from wooden materials, it’s better to use a spray bottle and spray it with water and scrub it gently using a sponge or soft-bristle brush. Wood is a porous material which means if you soak or submerge them in water or any kind of liquid, moisture and water will be trapped in the pores which could result in your wooden toy to swell and become deformed. Additionally, it would also be difficult to completely dry this toy and keep in mind molds thrive in moist environments.

Your choice of cleaning solution is entirely up to you. However we highly recommend using mild detergent and keep it natural if possible. There are many natural cleaners out there. A good example of a natural cleaner is Castille soap. It is a vegetable based soap, free from chemicals like most regular soaps out there. You can also use vinegar and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), two of the most common household items.

Plastic toy cars

Toy cars made from solid plastic provided that they are dishwasher-safe and they are not battery operated and do not have electrical parts can be easily cleaned using your dishwasher. This is probably the most convenient way to clean these toys which is why many parents especially those who are busy choose them.

Wooden toy cars

Use a spray bottle when cleaning a wooden toy car and make sure when you are spraying it with your cleaning solution you are not spraying too much that the toy is drenched. We’ve mentioned that wood is a porous material so you have to be careful not to use too much liquid solution when cleaning your wooden toy car.

Wipe your toy car with a cloth while occasionally spraying your cleaning solution. Wipe all surfaces and make sure to remove excess cleaning solution so that it will not leave any residue.

Drying your toy cars

You can either air dry your toy cars overnight or sun dry during the day. When sun drying, keep in mind that prolonged exposure to sunlight could potentially damage your toy’s paint and finish.

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