How Do You Clean Reusable Grocery Bags?


Reusable shopping bags

Switching from using plastic or paper grocery bags to reusable bags is definitely a huge plus for your and the environment. Our world is littered with single-use plastics that are piling up in our landfills and floating in our oceans. Grocery bags made from plastic are often discarded after use and as we all know plastic takes a long time to decompose. Using paper grocery bags isn’t as green as you might think either. Trees are being felled to produce paper bags which is the exact opposite of what we should be doing. We should be planting trees instead of cutting them down.

The transition from using plastic or paper bags to something reusable can be a bit difficult for some. Instead of throwing away your bags after using them you will have to wash them and store them properly if you want them to last. It might take a while to get used to using bags but after a few trips to the grocery you will not notice it anymore.

You would have to bring multiple bags with you to the grocery store. You do not want to put all your groceries together for safety reasons. You should be using separate bags for meats, seafood and produce. Likewise, non-food items like cleaners, detergents and soaps should also be in separate bags.

One of the important things you need to do when using bags for your groceries is that you need to look after them. These bags are not expensive by any means but you also do not want to keep on buying them every time you go for a grocery run because the cost would accumulate quickly.

Keeping your bags clean and storing them properly is important for health and safety reasons. They are pretty easy to clean so there is no excuse to neglect them. So here’s a few tips on how to clean and store your reusable grocery bags.

Reusable Shopping Bags Good Cleaning Practices

Different reusable bags require different washing techniques. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning your reusable grocery bag.

You should wash bags you use for meats and other produce after every use.

Some bags have inserts at the bottom which is usually made from cardboard covered in fabric or vinyl. Remove your bag’s bottom insert if it has one before washing it.

For better cleaning, turn your bag inside out before washing. Some reusable grocery bags have nooks and crannies round the seams and these places could accumulate dirt overtime so you should pay attention to them when cleaning your bag.

Make sure your reusable bags are totally dry before putting them away for your next trip to the grocery store.

Avoid storing your bags in the trunk of your card. Bacteria, germs, mold and mildew naturally thrive in dark, humid and moist environments.

Keep your reusable bags dry by storing them in a cool and dry place at your house. Make sure that place where you store these bags have adequate lighting and ventilation where air can circulate properly.

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