How Do You Clean Toys for a 6 Month Old Baby

Playing is an important part of a baby’s early learning and development. And it’s equally important to provide her with the right toys and a safe environment to play. This includes cleaning her favourite toys.

Keeping your baby’s toys clean is one way to protect her from nasty germs and bacteria. If you have a baby, you know how they chomp anything they could get their hands on. And if her toys are dirty, it could cause some serious harm.

How often you should be cleaning her toys depends on your availability. If you’re a stay at home parent then you can do this no problem. But if you have work, you can clean your baby’s toys at least once a week, more often if it’s something she regularly puts into her mouth.

Start by reading the cleaning instructions of the manufacturer. It’s the surest way to maintain the integrity of your baby’s toys. They made the toy so they know how to clean the toy.

When choosing a cleaning product, make sure it’s mild and better yet keep it natural. There are a lot of natural multipurpose cleaners on the market. You can also use Castille soap, which is a plant-based soap, to clean your baby’s toys.

You can even use some common household items as cleaning agents. Baking soda and vinegar are two mild cleaning agents that are known for their natural antibacterial and cleaning properties. Baking soda is used primarily to remove tough stains while vinegar for general cleaning.

Actually, you can use your dishwasher to clean your baby’s toys provided that they are dishwasher safe. Make sure to read the label on the toy before tossing it into your dishwasher.

If you don’t own a dishwasher, you can use a basin or sink filled with soapy water to clean your baby’s toys. Use a sponge or a cleaning brush to remove obvious dirt and grime. Throw the dirty soapy water and repeat the cleaning process as necessary.

You can also use baby wipes for a quick clean. If you do this, make sure to wipe the toy dry with a cloth to remove any residue that the baby wipes might have left on the surface of the toy.

When cleaning wooden toys, it’s better not to submerge or soak it in water or any kind of liquid cleaning solution. Wood is a porous material which means if you soak it in water it will absorb water. And when this happens, your toy will be deformed or swollen.

Instead, you should use a spray bottle. Spray the toy occasionally with the cleaning liquid you prepared while wiping it with a cloth. Make sure to remove any excess cleaning solution from the toy by wiping it with a dry cloth.

Once the toy is clean, you can either air dry it or sun dry it when the sun is up. Don’t leave the toy under the sun for too long though because it could potentially damage its finish especially if it’s a wooden toy.


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