How Do You Keep Outside Toys Clean?


Playing outside is good. In fact, outdoor play is highly recommended by many child development experts. Outdoor play can be encouraged through the introduction of outdoor toys. Toys always make activities fun and exciting. However, toys can also get dirty real fast especially if used to play outside. And you don;t want your child playing with dirty toys. Cleaning dirty outdoor toys is a good way to protect your child from bacteria and germs.

Here’s a few simple and quick tips on how to keep your child’s outdoor toys clean.

How often should you clean outdoor toys?

It is highly recommended to clean outdoor toys every after use. While the outdoors is a good place to play, it is also filled with all kinds of dirt, grime and mud. You want to make sure that you clean your child’s outdoor toy after he’s done playing or before he plays with them the following day.

Use your dishwasher

Your dishwasher is the convenient way to clean dirty outdoor toys. Read the manufacturer’s care instructions and confirm that the toy is indeed dishwasher safe. Do not use your dishwasher to clean toys that are battery-operated and have electrical parts.

If your toys are dishwasher safe, toss them in the top rack of the dishwasher and set it on a gentle cycle. Make sure the heated dry setting is turned off.

Disassemble outdoor toys when necessary

Bigger outdoor toys may require disassembling. For this reason, it is important to keep the manual that came in with the toy when you bought it so that you’ll have a guide. But if you’ve already thrown it away, search for the information online.

Disassembling big toys makes cleaning them easy and simple for you. You’ll be sure that you can clean them thoroughly and reach every nook and cranny of the toy.

Use natural cleaning products

Remember your child is playing with these toys and cleaning them is not enough. You should also consider what you use as cleaning solutions. If you can help it, keep it natural in terms of cleaning products. You can buy natural multipurpose cleaners that are as effective as their chemically-laden counterparts.

Baking soda and vinegar are two natural cleaners that you can use. These are some of the most common household items so use them to clean toys. Both are known for their natural cleaning and antibacterial properties.

Don’t soak wooden outdoor toys

You might be tempted to soak your child’s wooden pull toy in a bucket of water to remove and soften mud and dirt. This is not a good idea. Wood is a porous material which absorbs water and moisture. Too much water and moisture could warp or deform your toy. Moreover, if not completely dry, the toy could be a haven for bacteria and mold growth.

Alternatively, you can use a cloth and spray bottle. Wipe your toy gently with the clean cloth while occasionally spraying your cleaning solution.

Use waterproof covers

If you have to leave your outdoor toys outside, make sure you cover it with something waterproof like a tarp. And in doing so, you can protect your child’s precious toys from the elements like rain and sunlight.

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