How Do You Make a Rag Doll?

Traditionally, rag dolls were made by hand for children to play with. They were perfect for providing a plaything that could be carried around with them, cuddled and cared for as well as giving them the chance to practice their sewing or knitting skills to make new clothes for their rag dolls.

As in times gone by many clothes were made and certainly repaired in the home there would have generally been plenty of scraps of fabric around. And of course, for most people, clothes would have been worn until they were rags providing plenty of doll stuffing as well as cleaning cloths.

This need to make and repair clothes also meant that someone in the family would have had the skills required to make rag dolls.

Nowadays most people don’t make their own clothes and although some children may be given handmade toys from parents or grandparents, for most of us, toys are bought.

Rubens Barn Handmade Rag Dolls

Rubens Barn dolls are all handmade in a small family-run factory in China. Each doll requires around 100 processes to make, and each step is lovingly completed by a real person.

Part of the charm of Rubens Barn rag dolls is their delicious expressions that are sculpted from soft material, hand painted and given embroidered eyes that really add to their expression and wonderful handmade charm.

Their beautiful faces really bring the rag dolls to life in a way that most rag dolls do not achieve. And their cheeky expressions made them the best playmates and wonderful for emotional development in children.

The hair, skin and clothes of the organic eco-bud dolls are made from 100% organic cotton and they really are so soft and delightful to cuddle and hold.

Making your own handmade Rag Doll

If you have the ability and desire to thread a needle then you can probably make your own rag doll. It might not be as beautiful as some of the ones you can buy if you’re not that used to sewing but guaranteed it will be unique and filled with love. It will be irreplaceable.

There are lots of wonderful tutorials online to help you get started and you really do just need some fabric, something for the stuffing and a needle and thread.

We particularly love the idea of making rag doll clothes out of old baby clothes to give your favourite outfits a new lease of life. And if that sounds too ticky. Why not make your rag doll big enough to fit the clothes as they are.

And if you need a bit of inspiration Rubens barn has some fabulous clothes making tutorials that are great fun to make and you can share your creations with other soft doll lovers.


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