How Do You Put A Throw On A Sofa?

There are lots of different ways you can fold or position a sofa throw to add colour, texture and comfort to your home. A throw can be used to add contrasting colour or a splash of vibrancy to an otherwise neutral room. They can be used to make your sofa look more comfortable and inviting. And they can even be used to protect the fabric of your sofa or cover up worn areas.

Choosing Your Throw

Choosing your throw will depend on a number of things including how you want to use it, is it purely for decoration, do you want to drape it over your knees while you watch TV or are you looking for something big enough to cover you and the kids while you cuddle up and watch an afternoon movie? Equally whether you are planning on draping it over the arm of the sofa or covering the whole seat area will make a difference to the size of throw you need and to some extent the material.

Throws that are going to be used more or that will be sat on rather than just decoratively draped will need to be tougher and easier to care for. If you have children or animals you will probably want to opt for a machine washable option such as the recycled PET throws that are super easy to care for as well as being really soft and comfortable to use. And more durable throws can also be used outside for picnics.

Colour and texture as also important when choosing a throw. If you have a lot of colour in your room you will either want to choose a colour that compliments your decor or opt for a neutral throw. However if you have a very neutral room then choosing a vibrant throw can be a great way of adding a splash of colour to a room. We also love the fact that you can change the look of a room by changing the accessories. So you might choose to accessorise your sofa with warm colours and sumptuous textures in the winter, opting for a cosy woolen throw in the winter and then switching to lighter colours and textures in the winter.

Fold Your Throw To Drape in Different Ways

Once you have chosen your throw you then have a number of options of how to use it to dress your sofa, armchair or bed.

If your throw is long enough you could fold it lengthways and use it to drape across the foot of a bed or the seat of a sofa for added comfort and colour or texture. If you are doing this on a sofa you can then tuck it down the sides of the cushions to help keep it in place.

Alternatively you could choose to drape the throw over the back of your sofa, and this can be done in a number of ways. You could fold in half or in three lengthways or you could create a smaller chunkier rectangle by folding along the short edge as well.

Draping a throw over the arm of a chair or sofa is another popular option as this is a great way to add interest as well as having blankets readily available to add an extra layer of warmth. They are also less likely to get sat on and will generally need less refolding and repositioning. Again you can fold your throw in a number of different ways depending on the size and style of your sofa and throw.

If you have an ottoman or sectional sofa you could fold your throw into a large rectangle and drape it over the footrest adding decoration as well as providing easy access when you want a bit of extra warmth.

Finally there’s something very inviting about a big basket of throws or even just a nice neat pile of blankets that people can help themselves to as and when they like. Having a nice basket also means you can easily take them outside to keep people cosy on cool evenings.


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