How Do You Use a Bath Bomb


Bath bombs are a great way to improve the quality and comfort of your bath time.They can be an excellent way to make your bath exciting and change it up every time you go in.

Bath bombs are a great way to add some relaxation into your bath too. They aren't just for kids! Bath bombs are made from a variety of ingredients including baking soda, epsom salts, citric acid and essential oils. There are bath bombs in many shapes and sizes ranging from spheres to glittery stars that will add a splash of colour into your tub.

Choosing your bath bomb

The first step to using a bath bomb is choosing one for your bath time. There are many variants to choose from to choose the one that you think meets your needs. If you can’t decide which one, ask yourself why you want to use a bath bomb.

If you want to relax, choose a bath bomb that contains lavender or chamomile. These two ingredients produce a relaxing scent which is perfect for unwinding and relaxation. It helps you sleep at night if you take a bath before going to bed.

If you have dry skin, consider getting a bath bomb that contains essential oils like shea butter, lavender oil and coconut oil. These ingredients are great at locking in moisture on your skin which prevents it from drying.

However, you should keep in mind that not all bath bombs are created equal. There might be ingredients that you’re allergic to. If that's the case then it’s better to just avoid bath bombs altogether.

Using Your Bath Bomb

If you’re using a bath bomb that is covered in petals or glitter, consider wrapping it with a cloth or put it inside a cloth bag. Doing so, prevents these additives from getting in your bathtub which could clog the drain of your bathtub.

It’s recommended to cut your bath bombs in half. Use one half of the bath bomb for your bath then store the other half of the bath bomb in a cool dry place for your next bath. You can store it in a mason jar or any airtight container. If you’re not satisfied with just half, then use an entire bath bomb on your next bath time.

Plug your bathtub and start filling it with water. How much water and in what temperature depends entirely on your preference. Some bath bombs come with instructions and recommendations so just follow what the manufacturer says.

Once your bathtub is filled with water, drop your bath bomb. Wait for the bath bomb to dissolve completely before entering your bathtub.

Relax and unwind and get out of the bathtub once you're done. You don’t need to take a shower after using a bath bomb. However, you might want to take one if you rinse off any residue like colourants from your skin.

Do bath bombs expire?

Yes, bath bombs expire so pay attention to the expiry date which is usually indicated on the packaging.

Can you use bath bombs on your hair?

While most ingredients in bath bombs are mild, you should avoid using it for your hair.

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