How Do You Use a Body Brush

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A body brush is a great bathing accessory that you can use to promote circulation, unclog pores and get rid of dead skin cells. Dry brushing is usually done in the morning before showering and can also be a great way to wake yourself up and invigorate you for the day ahead. Dry brushing is even linked to reducing the appearance of cellulite and helping to detoxify the body by improving lymphatic drainage.

With so many benefits it would seem silly not to give dry brushing a go, so here are some tips on how to use your body brush for maximum effect.

What is Body Brushing?

Body brushing or dry brushing is a way to exfoliate and massage the skin. Gentle yet firm strokes with a natural bristle brush lift away dead skin cells and deeply massage the skin promoting blood flow and circulation as well as breaking up fatty deposits thus evening out skin texture.

As well as stimulating the circulatory system dry brushing also stimulates the lymphatic system, helping boost the body’s natural detoxification pathways which not only improve the appearance of the skin as well as improving overall health and wellbeing.

Like other forms of exfoliation dry brushing also improves the skin's ability to absorb your moisturiser making it work better and further improving the feel and appearance of your skin.

How to Dry Brush Your Skin

It is generally recommended that you dry brush before you get in the shower or bath. It is a very simple process that feels great and is easy to work into your routine.

First of all get naked or into your undies. Then start brushing from the soles of your feet and work your way up towards the heart. You should use gentle but firm pressure, you don’t want to scratch the skin, and long smooth upward strokes towards the heart, going over each area a few times.

When you get to your stomach use circular clockwise strokes.

At the arms again start at the hands working towards the shoulders and armpits.

Be careful not to brush if you have sunburn or otherwise sore or irritated skin.

What To Do After You Brush

After brushing you should shower or bathe to cleanse the skin, washing away any dead skin cells. You will not use to use any additional exfoliation products so a bar of soap and your hand will be fine.

When you get out of the bath or shower make sure to moisturise the skin to replenish moisture lost during the exfoliation and cleansing process and deeply nourish the skin. Your skin will be more receptive to absorbing the nutrients in your moisturiser after you have dry brushed and cleansed.

Looking After Your Brush

As well as looking after your skin it is important to look after your bathing accessories. After each use rinse your brush to get rid of any dead skin cells, and allow it to fully air dry. Every week or so, depending on how frequently you are body brushing, you should cleanse the brush more thoroughly using a gentle shampoo.


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