How Do You Wash Reusable Baby Wipes

Learn how to wash your baby wipes

Reusable baby wipes can be used for many uses. You can use reusable baby wipes for hands, face or bums. We recommend that people have a set for use on hands and face and then a separate set for use on bums. Clearly what you use the reusable baby wipes for, would depend on how you wash them.

Wipes use for hands and face

Generally any cloth wipes used for cleaning hands and face can just be put in with your normal wash. There is no need to use any special detergent or to avoid using any ingredients. Treat these just like you would treat a flannel wash. A hot wash is great to kill any germs. Drying wipes should be dried the same way you would dry your towels. If you have a child with sensitive skin or allergies then wash according to how you would wash their other clothes.

Always make sure reusable baby wipes are dried thoroughly before storing.

Wipes for bum

Now then, this is where the fun starts! If using washable nappies, then you can just wash your reusable baby wipes the same way you would wash your nappies. You can store them in the same wet bag or bucket and just throw them in with that wash. It makes perfect sense to use washable wipes if you are using reusable nappies, there is no extra work and very little extra cost initially.

If you are not using cloth nappy but are using reusable baby wipes then you might need to take a few extra steps and purchase a few extra items to help you wash them.

  • I recommend soaking dirty reusable baby wipes before washing. Using an essential oil like tea tree oil which is antibacterial will help with this. This will stop the poo setting and drying onto the wipes and making them much harder to wash off. Soaking the wipes will also prevent any stains setting in. You can soak your wipes in a bucket or even just an old sandwich box, anything with a lid on to stop any spills.

  • You don’t need any special washing powder. Once they are soaked just put them in with your normal wash load like towels or sheets. Periodically hot wash on 60 degrees to ensure that any lurking bacteria is killed. If your child is sick or ill then wash on 60.

  • A long wash is better, quick washes are not good for washable wipes. I like to use a pre wash/rinse then a full wash cycle.

  • Line drying your wipes is a great way to let the sun bleach out any stains, like magic they will disappear!

How to Store you reusable Wipes

If you are using your wipes as a wet wipe you can store in a box with some washing liquid. I always used a nice solution of chamomile tea with a mild cleansing agent or essential oil included.

You may prefer to keep your wipes dry then wet as used. The benefits of this method, especially for a newborn is you can use mildly warm water and the cold might not shock them as much!


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