How Do You Wash Reusable Breast Pads?

Reusable Breast Pads

Breast pads are great accessories for nursing mums. When mums breastfeed their babies, leaking normally happens and should not be a cause for concerns. Mums that do not breastfeed but are experiencing leaking can also use breast pads. These pads protect your wardrobe from being soaked in breast milk leaks especially if you are out in public.

These pads come in a wide range of sizes, designs and fit. There is nothing to worry about because there are breast pads that will meet your needs. You can also buy them either disposable or reusable. You discard and throw disposable breast pads right after using them while you wash to reuse reusable breast pads. Both variants are popular among mums and some even use both.

If you have decided to use reusable breast pads, good for you. Knowing how to keep your pads clean is also important to avoid any bacteria and germs growth.

Let’s take a look at ways on how to properly wash reusable breast pads.

Washing your reusable breast pads

There are many ways to properly wash reusable breast pads and it varies from one material to another. But generally all these methods are simple and easy. Depending on what the material of your reusable breast pads is, the manufacturer might recommend you use either cold water or hot water when washing your breast pads. The breast pads might be machine-washable or hand-washing only.

Wash your reusable breast pads according to the manufacturer’s care instructions. Manufacturer’s usually include care instructions on the packaging of their products. However if you have already thrown away the packaging, do not worry. You can always visit the website of the manufacturer and search for the information you are looking for. If for some reason you are having difficulty searching for the care instructions of your reusable breast pads, you can always ask for help from the manufacturer’s customer support team.

You can use your preferred detergent, the same detergent you use on your clothing. However, use mild detergent or sensitive scent-free detergents, or even hypoallergenic detergent if you have sensitive skin.

Use a mesh or laundry bag to avoid losing your reusable pads in the wash. If you do not have either of these bags, you can use a pillowcase instead. There is absolutely no need to wash your reusable breast pads separately. You can wash them together with your nursing bras and other clothing items.

Dry your reusable breast pads according to your manufacturer’s instructions as well. Make sure that they are fully dry though before using them again.

Additional tips

We all know that bacteria and germs thrive in moist environments. To prevent this, it is important to change breast pads as soon as they get wet and keep your nipples and breast dry as often as possible. If you are going out of the house, always bring a small wet bag with you wherever you go. This comes in handy whenever you need to change your breast pads while in a public place. Wash them once you arrive home so that they do not sit in a moist environment for an extended period of time.


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