How Do You Wash Soft Dolls

If you have a child, chances are she is playing with a soft doll. Soft dolls are some of the most popular toys for children and for good reasons. These toys are simple yet provide tons of fun and excitement. They are also good for early learning and development. You can’t say the same thing about other toys. Because they are widely available, they are affordable and many children like to play with them. But they could get dirty one day. The best thing you can do is wash the doll. It would really be worth it because after washing, it will be bright and clean as a brand new soft doll.

For most people, dolls are just playthings. But for children who depend on them, their health is severely at risk if these cuddly toys are not properly cared for. Learn how to wash your soft dolls to protect your children from harmful germs and bacteria. Soft toys are not that difficult to look after. These small creatures are special for your child and can match bed sheets for making a cosy and comfortable nest for your dear ones. However, some of them are actually quite fragile and need special attention during washing.


Make sure to read the care instructions of your soft doll before washing it. This could help you from doing something that might ruin your soft doll and save you the headache of dealing with a ruined soft doll. Care instructions are usually found in the tag of the soft doll or on the packaging that it came in. If for some reason you can’t find the care instructions from either the tag or packaging, you can simply go to the manufacturer’s website or contact their support team.

Remove all doll accessories like clothes from your soft doll. Some doll clothes often have parts that would rush like buttons so this step is particularly important to protect your children from potential harm. Inspect your soft doll for any loose stitches and missing buttons.

Hand Washing

Hand wash your soft doll like you would with clothes. Fill a bucket, basin or sink with water and your preferred cleaning product. Use mild detergent or natural multipurpose cleaners if possible. Place the doll inside the basin and soak it for 10-15 minutes. Rub the soft doll to remove dirt. Use a toothbrush or sponge to remove stains. When the soft doll is cleaned, drain the soapy water and replace it with clean water and rinse your soft doll thoroughly. Press or squeeze the soft doll to remove water and roll it up in a towel to remove excess water. Do not wring your soft doll or you could damage it. Hang the soft doll to air dry.

Washing Machine

If you are a busy parent and do not have too much time washing your child’s soft dolls, you could use a washing machine to do all the cleaning for you. Do this only if your soft doll is machine washable. Put your soft doll inside a mesh bag or a pillow case (close the pillow case by tying it with a rubber band or string). Use mild detergent or keep it natural using natural cleaning products. Wash on a gentle cycle. Remove the soft doll from the pillow case and press or squeeze the soft doll to remove any excess water. Hang to dry.


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