How Do You Wear Baby on My Back in a Lillebaby

Wearing a baby on your back can be a beautiful experience as it will dramatically extend your baby carrying days. Once you have an ergonomic carrier and have it positioned well with the weight evenly spread out, you can carry even the heaviest toddlers or preschool children for long periods. Trying to front carry a heavier child can be uncomfortable at best.

When to Start Carrying Your Baby on your Back

  • 1. When they can sit unaided
  • 2. When they can hold their neck independently
  • 3. When you have an ergonomic carrier
  • 4. In the lillebaby when they are big enough for the wide seat setting
  • 5. When your baby is confident enough

Generally in a buckle carrier like the lillebaby you can start carrying your baby on your back once they can hold their neck up unsupported. This would be from 6-9 months. They also need to be able to sit independently without aid. Once they can do this, you can carry your baby safely on your back.

For an experienced babywearer, using a woven wrap, you can carry your baby from earlier, but for this article we are just looking at buckle carriers in general and the lillebaby in specific, and for those please follow specific instructions by your baby carrier consultant or the wrap company.

Wide seat setting on Lillebaby

The lillebaby buckle carrier needs to be able to be on the wide seat setting to carry on your back. You should NEVER use the narrow setting when back carrying in a lillebaby. If your baby is not big enough yet for the wide seat setting then they are not big enough to go on your back in a lillebaby. Your baby can fit in the wide sit setting once the material goes from knee-to-knee without stretching and with them still be able to bend and flex their knees.

When your baby is confident

Many babies seek comfort and confidence from being able to see their parents or carers faces. When they hear new sounds or see new sites, they often look to their parents' expressions to see how they have reacted, and this shows them not to panic or be afraid. Once your baby is past this stage and has confidence to look around for themselves then they can move to the back. You will know when this happens, they will be stretching out and looking around and really keen to see what's going on!

When you have confidence

When you feel confident enough to back carry! At first you can try at home with someone there to help you. If you have a local baby carrying consultant, or are close to our baby carrier shop then pop in for a demonstration.

For those who live too far away we have done a Lillebaby FAQ video, which also shows you how to back carry in a lillebaby!


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