How Does a 6 Month Old Baby Play

Babies start learning things at a very early age. As they grow older, they develop their skills and learn new ones. While every baby is different, most of them can do a lot of things within the first few months of life. And you’d be surprised what your 6 month old baby is capable of.

Understanding developmental milestones will allow you to devise activities that will help your baby reach and achieve these milestones. And with the help of toys and games, early learning and development become fun for both parents and baby.

So let’s take a look at how 6 month old babies usually play.

Language Skills

Babies start to try to communicate with the world around them from a surprisingly early age. At 6 months old, they start producing incomprehensible sounds and use them to demonstrate what objects are in front of them.

Reading books with your baby can also help her develop her communication skills. Pictures books and lift the flap board books are good tools for developing your baby’s language skills at a young age. You can read these books with your baby during your bedtime storytelling.


Stacking games and toys are good for babies that are 6 months old. These developmental toys promote improvement of essential skills needed to master their surroundings. The basic concept of how they work is that they are safe, colourful objects to stack and move around.

When babies use their hands to stack objects or toys on top of each other, they practice and improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. These toys and games are designed to improve concentration ability and physical coordination. By including these toys in your child’s play time, you will be providing opportunities for your child to practice self control.

Graspers and Blocks

Your baby is growing so quickly and developing skills at a rapid pace as well. They are becoming more physically and mentally active every day. One way that your baby’s physical development will turn from something inside their head to outside will be through their fine motor skills. And this can be done with toys that encourage babies to use their hands, wrists and fingers.

One of the first skills babies learn is to grasp and manipulate objects. This skill helps them develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. When babies learn how to use their fingers and hands, they can do many wonderful things. They can pick up small objects, take hold of a rattle or teething ring, pinch their mother's cheek or pull the hair of a sibling.

Musical Toys

Babies learn a lot about their world through hearing. Music toys are great for auditory stimulation, especially at a young age. While toys that produce sounds with just a push of a button are good, it’s highly recommended to buy toys that allow children to make the sounds themselves.

Musical instruments like tambourine or even non-musical toys like rattles are actually better than toys that produce sounds by pushing a button. Because not only do these toys excite children through sounds, they also encourage them to hold and manipulate them with their hands which is good practice of their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.


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