How Does Ruby Cup Work


Ruby Cup

A Ruby Cup, like any other menstrual cup works by collecting the menstrual fluid. The cup which is made of soft, flexible silicone, that is plastic, latex and toxin free, is inserted into the vagina as you would a tampon, where it collects rather than absorbs the blood which can then be emptied as required.

A Ruby Cup holds much more than a tampon, roughly the same as 3 super absorbency tampons actually, so you need to empty them less often than you would need to change a pad or tampon.

To insert the menstrual cup you fold it tightly and insert it like a tampon. It will then unfold in the vagina and should stay in place without you being able to really even feel it. If it is uncomfortable you may need to reinsert it or you may not have the correct size for your body. If you have a low cervix for example you will need a shorter cup and should opt for the small version.

Emptying the menstrual cup is easy and while you should sterilise the cup before and after your bleed there is no need to sterilise it during your period. Simply make sure you have clean hands and give the cup a rinse with clean water if you can.

If rinsing it is not an option because you are in a public toilet without a sink in the cubicle for example, you can clean the menstrual cup with tissue or simply empty it and reinsert it. Alternatively you can take a bottle of water into the cubicle with you and rinse it out that way.

Because a menstrual cup collects rather than absorbs the blood there is less likelihood of drying or irritation. And many women also experience lass cramping and a generally more comfortable and less painful period.

One benefit of a menstrual cup is that you can insert it just before your period begins meaning you are less likely to get caught out.

What is Special About the Ruby Cup?

Menstrual cups are great for a whole number of reasons. They are a great eco friendly reusable alternative to tampons, they last for years and they will save you money within a few months. But there is something about the way the company operates that makes Ruby Cup particularly special.

Ruby Cup is a company with a mission to enable all people to have their periods safely and with dignity regardless of income. This means that for every Ruby Cup sold another one is donated to someone in need with their buy one give one business model.

This means that for every menstrual cup sold there is a person who is given access to 10 years of worry free periods. Menstrual cups are perfect for women living in poverty as they are so easy to both use and clean. All you need is the ability to boil water and you can effectively sterilise the cup at the beginning and end of each cycle. Women donít even need underwear.

And itís not just the cup that is given. Ruby also delivers menstrual and reproductive health workshops to improve education.

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