How Many Bambino Mio Nappies Do I Need?

Generally we always recommended 20-25 Bambino Mio nappies, depending on a few different factors.

Like all reusable nappies, the amount you need depends on various factors like the age of your child in nappies, how many children in nappies, your washing and drying facilities and whether you intend to use cloth full time or just part time, read our general guide to how many nappies needed. It also depends on which bambino mio nappy you have.

You also have to consider if you are going to use nappies whilst out and about or even send cloth nappies to nursery. If you will use bambino mio nappies at nursery as well as at home, we recommend getting in an extra set of 5 for the nursery so you always have a set ready to go. Each day send in 5 nappies in a clean wet bag, along with an empty wetbag. The staff can put the dirty nappies into the empty one throughout the day and each night you can put the bag and the dirty nappies in your bucket or large wetbag at home. For this scenario you really need at least 3 wetbags if in full time nursery, to always ensure you can send in 2 each day.

Also, you need to factor in how often you are washing. The more often you wash, the less nappies you need. If you intend to wash every 1.5 days, you can get away with about 15 nappies. If you intend to wash your nappies every 3 days then you need 25-30 nappie to ensure you always have some ready to use. If you have a tumble dryer or good drying facilities you will need less nappies than if you have slow or poor drying facilities, so factor this in as well.

Bambino Mio have two types of nappies, the two piece prefold system called the Mioduo and the Bambino Mio miosolo nappy which is an all in one or one piece nappy. A two piece nappy system means that you have an outer waterproof cover and an inner absorbent nappy. A one piece system means that everything is sewn into a one piece nappy, the outer and inner are all one so you only change one piece, just like using disposable nappies.

If you opt to go for their prefold nappy system or as they have recently changed the name to mioduo, then you need about 25 inner prefold and 5-6 covers per size. Their prefold system is onesize, but their covers are sized. The MIODUO PREMIUM BIRTH TO POTTY PACk includes 20 x mioduo insert, 4 x size 1 mioduo cover sand 4 x size 2 mioduo covers, so would be a good starting point.

If you opt to go for their miosolo one piece all in one nappy, then at least 25 nappies are required. The miosolos are quite slower drying nappies so you will need more to keep in rotation. The miosolo premium birth to potty pack is a convenient and cost effective way to purchase reusable nappies and includes 15 x miosolo all-in-one nappies. I think this is a little on the low side so personally i would add a few more nappies to it.


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