How Many BumGenius Nappies do I need?

how many bumgenius do I need?

How Many BumGenius Nappies do I need?

Generally we advise 20-25 bumGenius nappies are needed but this depends on several things.

This depends on many factors, the age of your baby or child, how many children you have, which type of bumGenius nappy you have, how often you plan to wash and what your drying facilities are like.

What is the Age of your child in bumGenius nappies?

For younger children you need more nappies, especially for newborn babies. For newborn babies we advise at least 20 nappies, and probably closer to 25. Newborn babies poo little and often, especially breastfed babies, so will need changing more frequently. Changing more frequently means either washing more often (daily, but this is not really feasible if you have just given birth!), or more nappies.

For older children you do not need as many. For a child aged 6-12 months you would still need about 20 nappies. For a child aged 12 months-18 months we would recommend about 15-20 nappies. For a child aged 18 months plus we recommend 12-15 nappies. Again, this all depends on your individual child and how often they require changing, so this is just a broad rule of thumb to follow.

How many children do you have?

The more children you have, the more nappies you need. Thankfully all of the bumgenius nappies, except the littles, are onesize so should fit all of your children at the same time. 

For more children you don’t need to double the nappies for each child, more like add about 60%. So if you have 20 nappies for child one, usually adding 10-15 nappies bringing you up to 30-35 should last for your second child. This is because the older child requires less and less as they get bigger. Of course the exception to this is twins and generally you should look to more or less double your stash if you have twins, or just slightly under. 

As you have 2 or more in cloth, you will be washing more often as your nappy bucket will be filled more quickly, this means you can get away with less as the nappies are sitting in dirty buckets for a shorter time frame.

How often are you washing?

The above recommendations are based on washing every 2 days. We don’t recommend leaving it much longer than that because your nappies will begin to stink and stain if left sitting around for long periods.

If you plan to wash more frequently and are super organised, you can adjust down accordingly. For just wet nappies (not soiled) you can wash with your towel wash etc as long as you don’t use fabric conditioner so this means you can get away with less nappies!

Which type of bumGenius nappy do you have?

Generally speaking the bumgenius pocket is the quickest drying nappy, followed by the freetime then the elemental. For slower drying nappies you need to add 3-5 more nappies to your stash to allow for longer drying times. So if you have elementals or are planning on buying bumGenius elemental, add extra to your stash. For freetime just 1-3 extra should suffice.

What are your drying facilities like?

If you have great drying facilities then great, you can get away with less nappies. If you have poor drying facilities again you might need to add a couple of extra nappies to your stash to help for those times when you are waiting on nappies to dry.

To Conclude

You can see why we say 20-25 is an ideal starting point for a newborn, then go through each of the above scenarios and adjust accordingly. Or just get 20-25 and see how you get on! That' s how many nappies you need, how many you want is an entirely different question! Read next all about bumGenius, who are bumGenius and their brand story.

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