How to Apply Nappy Rash Cream The Right Way


How to apply a nappy rash cream properly is actually simple. Simply follow the instructions indicated on the packaging of the nappy rash cream.

Parents are always worried about whether they need to use a nappy rash cream at every nappy change or what is the best nappy rash cream for babies. But using a nappy rash cream on your baby’s bum is something that has been debated among parents for years. We all want to give our children the best start in life possible, and that means taking care of their skin. Some parents feel that products like nappy rash creams are too harsh on their baby’s skin and should be avoided when possible. Because using a cream can apply chemicals directly to the baby’s privates, it is important to consider how effective these creams really are before you make a decision about which one you want to use for.

Nappy rash cream’s main objective is to heal the nappy rash. Most common types of nappy rash are caused by ammonia from urine that accumulates in the nappies clashing with your baby’s skin. This causes inflammation and redness on the external area where the diaper sits with the skin becoming dry and cracked. Nappy rash cream helps protect this area and allow oxygen to reach the skin for healing. However, many parents don’t know how to properly apply the cream hence end up using it inappropriately leading to poor results or them not purchasing again when needed.


Before you start changing your baby’s nappy, make sure that all of the things you need are in close proximity to you. It is definitely recommended to keep them nearby wherever you choose to do your nappy changing since you would have to change your baby’s nappies every 2 hours or every time it gets wet or soiled. You need clean nappies, a changing mat, nappy rash cream, baby wipes, washcloths and a wet bag for soiled and wet nappies.

Diaper Change

When you have everything you need for th4e nappy change, lay the changing mat on a flat surface, either on the table or on the floor. Never leave your baby unattended when changing nappies especially are using a high surface to put your baby on.

Remove the soiled nappy and clothing if necessary. Prevent the soiled nappy from getting in contact with your baby’s skin as much as possible. Wash your baby using warm water and mild soap, or use chemical-free baby wipes.

Pat dry your baby after washing. Keep in mind that moisture and wetness are two of the leading causes of nappy rash so make sure that your baby is dry. Use a soft and clean dry cloth. Have a nappy-free time with your baby for a few minutes before putting him in a fresh nappy.

Put one end of the nappy underneath your baby. Apply a thin layer or as prescribed by your doctor of nappy rash cream to the affected and surrounding area with nappy rash. Never rub your baby’s skin because it is delicate and sensitive. Doing so could do more harm than good to your baby. Once done, fasten the nappy and put your baby in clean clothes.

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