How to Attach Pram Toys

Attaching toys to a pram or baby carrier will save you having to constantly pick them up off the floor, losing them or worrying about disinfecting them before giving them back to your precious baby.

Little ones love to play with things while they’re out and about. Watching the world go by will entertain them some of the time but while you’re waiting in a queue or on a long journey having a few fun toys to distract with can be a lifesaver.

Some toys are specifically designed to attach to a pram or pushchair, they come with clips or ties making them easy to attach. However, not all your babies favourites will have a handy way to keep them from falling to the floor

Great accessories to attach toys to prams and other favourites

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  • Dummy clips aren’t just great for keeping pacifiers to hand, they’re also great for attaching to toys. Plenty of baby toys have loops of fabric on them and even an arm or a leg works well on a soft toy. You can attach the clip to clothing or the fabric of a pram or baby carrier. Dummy clips are designed to be baby-friendly and are often just as much fun to play with as the toy itself.
  • Fabric straps with poppers. You can buy these or make your own if you are feeling crafty. Loop one end around the side or safety bar of your buggy, the handle of your car seat or the shoulder strap of a baby carrier. The other end can then be attached to a toy, and you can pop several together to make a longer strap.
  • Plastic links can be found in lots of places and make a great fiddle toy or teether for little ones. And they’re really handy for attaching toys to your buggy. They aren’t as secure as some of the other options, and your child will probably figure out how to detach them pretty quickly if they are in reach but they are still great for quickly securing anything with a loop to a buggy or pram.
  • Ribbon. Sometimes it’s the simplest options that are the most effective. A colourful piece of ribbon is readily available and easy to tie to most things without damaging them. You can even sew a loop onto soft toys. Plus the ribbon has a lovely texture for babies to explore.

We all know that babies love dropping toys out of a high-chairs or prams, it’s just soo much fun watching us bend over to pick them up. But hopefully, these toys and tricks will help keep toys from getting lost and dirty.

As babies get older traditional pram toys might start to lose their appeal, so we’ve compiled a list of toddler travel toy suggestions here.

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