How to Build a Dollhouse

How to build a dollhouse

Dollhouses make the most fabulous toys. They encourage independent imaginative play, develop fine motor skills needed for writing and playing instruments and hand-eye coordination as children dress and arrange little dolls.

However investing in a dolls house can be a big expense and you might not wish to take the risk in which case building a simple homemade dollhouse could be a great way of seeing if it's a hit. Plus you can decorate it any way you choose and even model it on your own home.

There are so many ways on how to build a dollhouse and for those who are good at DIY and woodworking you can find plenty of blueprints online for some gorgeous wooden dollhouses your kids could pass down to their grandkids. And that would come with the added joy and love of being handcrafted just for them.

However if you're not a whizz with a jigsaw, or don't even own one, there are still some really great ways on how to build a dollhouse and create something that your kids will love.

Repurpose furniture into a wooden dolls house

Knowing how to build a dollhouse requires a bit of creativity. There are plenty of items of furniture that with a bit of paint or wallpaper and a little love and imagination have the potential to become the most amazing dollhouses.

A 2 x 2 Kallax unit or similar makes the perfect 2 up 2 down, and you can fairly easily add an attic room with a bit of plywood or even cardboard. Paint or wallpaper the back of the unit, pop in some flooring and add your furniture.

Carpet and vinyl flooring samples are perfect for this as they are easy to get hold of and inexpensive. You can also order wallpaper samples online so your little one can choose their favourites and practice their interior design skills.

A bookshelf, small cupboard unit or even a chest of drawers all make a great base for a dolls house. You might want to add a few uprights to create a divide between rooms or you can just have a big room on each floor. It's worth just checking the height to make sure the furniture and dolls you get will fit. But other than that this is another easy DIY wooden dolls house fix.

Upcycling rubbish into riches

If you are looking for a fun recycling project cardboard boxes make great dolls house rooms. You can easily cut in doors and windows without needing any special tools and can stack them together in any way you choose.

Ok it's not going to last for generations (probably not even for years) but it's a great way to introduce the idea of dollhouse play and see if you want to invest in the real thing. You can also use rubbish to make some cool dollhouse furniture.

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