How to Buy Toys for 6 Month Old Baby

The best toys for 6 month old babies do more than just entertain. They should also promote early learning and development. The earliest form of learning a baby can experience is through play so it’s important to make it count.

Choosing the right toys for your 6 month old can be overwhelming. It’s probably because there’s a lot of toys to choose from. But actually it doesn’t have to be.

So here’s a short guide on how to choose the right toys for your 6 month old baby.


Your baby’s safety should be your top priority. Anything you buy for her should be safe and that includes her toys.

There are many ways to find out if the toy is safe. And the easiest way would be to check the age suitability of the toy. Many toy makers the age at which the toy is suitable. If the toy is for older children, buy it later when your baby is ready to play with it.

Toys that are made for babies often come with warnings and go through more rigorous safety checks. They shouldn’t come with detachable pieces that are potential choking hazards.

Likewise, toys with strings longer than 12 inches should be avoided. The string could potentially entangle around your baby’s neck which could lead to suffocation. Better yet, avoid toys with strings altogether.

It would be helpful to conduct a bit of research on the toy you want to buy for your baby. Not all toys are created equal so it’s better to stick to reputable brands because that way you can be assured that their toys are of the highest quality.

The problem with low-quality toys is that they’re flimsy and easily taken apart. You don’t want your baby to play with his toys and suddenly a small part of the toy comes off.


The material of the toy is somewhat tied up to its safety. A good example of this is plastic toys. Plastic toys have evolved over the years. Many toy makers are using the kind of plastic that is considered safer and what that means is that it's BPA-free.

Now BPA or bisphenol-A is a known hormone disruptor. It’s usually found in a wide range of plastic products including toys. Many plastic toys are marketed as BPA-free. However, several studies have found that these toys still contain BPA.

Besides safety, there are also the environmental implications of plastic toys. Once your baby grows older and has moved on to other toys, sure you can donate plastic toys to charity so that other less fortunate kids can have fun playing with them.

But eventually, the plastic toy would find its way to the landfill or the ocean. And will remain there for hundreds of years because plastic is non-biodegradable.

Alternatively, wooden toys are made from sustainable materials. They have been around for many years and making a comeback thanks to the burgeoning conscience of the modern consumer.

Wood has natural antibacterial properties which means wooden toys don’t get dirty as quickly as their plastic counterparts. Additionally, they’re good for all kinds of sensory stimulation because of their texture. These would also be the best gifts for 1 year old.


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