How to Choose a Doctor Play Set for Your Child

Possibly the most popular role playing is kids playing as doctors. Doctor kits and play sets make it more realistic for children to play doctors and these toys are designed to make role playing easy. Despite being toy versions, these medical toys try to emulate the feeling of using actual medical equipment. These toys help children become more familiar with the real medical devices doctors use during a basic check-up and helps allay any doctor-related fears your children might have.

Role playing is a type of imaginative and creative play that nurtures a child’s imagination. It lays out a safe environment for children to experiment and try new ideas, act out scenarios based on their own experience and opportunities to solve problems. Toys that excite our children and expand upon their interests are the kind of toys we want them playing.


Buying toys like doctor play sets can be challenging. These toys come in a wide selection of sizes, styles and colours. Not to mention, the price tags of these toys can vary from each brand. Which takes us to our next point. Setting up a budget before buying a doctor play set and sticking to it as much as possible. Not only does it help narrow down your choice which makes the whole experience simple and easy, it also keeps you from overspending especially if you are on a tight budget.


We know that the toy material is not something most of us parents consider when buying toys for our children. However, we think that the material of the toy matters especially if you want to go the more eco-friendly route.

The debate between plastic versus wood is still going on. Each material has their own merits and drawbacks. For one, plastic toys are much easier to clean than their wooden counterparts. However, wooden toys are not that difficult to clean and wood has natural antibacterial properties so you don’t have to clean them as much as you do plastic toys.

There’s also the issues about safety and environmental impact. There are different kinds of plastic and some of them can cause serious illnesses and sickness. So if you are unsure of the type of plastic the doctor play set is made from, then you are better off with a wooden doctor play set instead. Wooden toys are more eco-friendly because they are made from sustainable materials and once they are biodegradable whereas plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose.


When choosing a doctor play set for your child, buy a set that comes in a medical bag or any type of container. This makes it easier for you and your children to organise their toys after they are done playing. Also, it makes it easy for your child to take her doctor toys with her wherever she goes. If you can’t decide on what design and style to go for then we suggest to let your children decide.


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