How to Choose a Kids Back Pack

Backpacks are a great choice as a kids bag, but choose wisely when buying! Whether your child is searching for a backpack with a favourite cartoon character or is looking for a backpack in a colourway of his choice, it's vital that the backpack fits his needs, fits him sizewise and will carry all they need.

Choose a lightweight backpack. A heavy one will add weight to the load of your child.

Ensure they have padded shoulder straps. Narrow unpadded straps will dig into shoulders.

The straps are too wide for my shoulders and dig into my back, so I bought a padded shoulder strap.

One with a padded back. It provides greater comfort and protection from sharp objects and edges.

To help children avoid injury while using a backpack, we recommend the following:

Don't overload your child. The weight of the pack should never be more than 15% of your child's body weight. No matter how good a backpack is, if it's too heavy for your child, it can be a problem. You can use the bathroom scale to find out how much weight your child is carrying. If your child is carrying more than 15% of his or her body weight, you need to find a way to reduce the load. Make sure that your children do not bring any unnecessary items to school.

It's also a good idea to make sure that your child is using both shoulder straps, so that he or she doesn't get hurt. Bags that are hung from the shoulders or hung across the chest - or only have one strap - are not as effective as those with two straps in distributing the load. Tighten the straps sufficiently to ensure that the pack will fit tightly against the body. It should rest comfortably in the middle of the back.

Choose a breathable fabric, these are lighter and better and are usually washed better than natural fabrics. Also backpacks are thrown about, the material you choose needs to be able to take the rough and tumble of childrens bags! Also look for zips and fastenings that are covered over and not open to the weather, these will last longer.

A backpack that is too small for a person will probably be uncomfortable for that person, and will probably be uncomfortable for the child as well. A child's backpack ought to be large enough for them to be able to carry comfortably in it but not too large, don't go for adult size backpacks for kids. The height of the backpack ought to be no more than two inches below the shoulders and should be in proportion to the size.

For toddler children going to pre school or nursery, choose a mini backpack. These are designed usually just to carry lunch or small items. Don't be tempted to get a bigger bag to last a few years, as they just won't fit your child now.


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