How to Choose the Best Reusable Shopping Bags


Reusable bags

The reusable grocery bag has grown in popularity over the past 5 years due to the realization that heavy paper and plastic bags add up to a lot of wasted resources. Fortunately, many people have started using reusable shopping bags that they bring to the grocery store. It’s a great way to help the environment, but people often get confused about which bags are the best for them. The truth is that there is no perfect bag because they all have their pros and their cons. You should pick a bag that works best for you! Reusable grocery bags make living green easier than ever before, but you just need to find the reusable bag that works for you.

Here we’ll take a look at the most popular materials used in reusable shopping bags and what other things to consider when buying one for yourself.


Reusable shopping bags are made from a wide variety of materials. These bags can be made of natural materials like cotton, hemp and jute. And synthetic materials like polypropylene, nylon and polyester. So there’s a reusable shopping bag that meets everyone’s preference and taste. However if you want to reduce your plastic waste and at the same time use reusable bags that is ecofriendly, then we highly suggest choosing reusable bags that are made from natural materials.

Cotton is one of the most popular materials used in making reusable shopping bags. And reusable bags made from cotton come in several variations - traditional cotton, organic cotton and recycled cotton.

Traditional cotton, also known as ordinary cotton, is one of the most widely used fabrics in the world. And it is also among the most sprayed crops in the world. Ordinary cotton production is labor intensive and requires excessive use of pesticides and insecticides. Additionally, cotton needs a lot of water to grow.

Organic cotton is similar to traditional cotton but is grown without the use of insecticides and pesticides. It is cultivated using materials that have little to no impact on the environment.

Recycled cotton is cotton fabric made from secondhand clothing items, textile waste and reused fashion articles.

Jute is another popular natural material used in reusable shopping bags. It is also referred to as burlap or hessian. It is one of the world’s most renewable and sustainable resources and materials. Known for its durability, jute can be used in production of reusable bags, carpets, rags, throws and ropes.

Keep in mind that the materials of the reusable shopping bags affect their durability, how you wash and store them and how they feel when you use them.


Reusable shopping bags come in a wide range of sizes. So when buying reusable bags for yourself, make sure you do a bit of research on the size of the bag you want to buy. Other considerations include gusset size, handle length, closure or fastening type and if they are foldable or not.

Style & Design

Choose the reusable bag that fits your personal taste and preference. Most reusable shopping bags come in a tote bag style. You can easily carry them with your hand or on your shoulder.

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