How to Choose the Best Sorting Toys

Sorting toys have been around for many years and these toys remained popular because playing them is so easy yet they are so fun and exciting. What is more fascinating is that sorting toys are educational toys too! Children will learn all kinds of things from playing these toys. From colour recognition to learning how to count, there are many learning opportunities when playing with sorting toys.

Playing with sorting toys provides many learning opportunities. When children learn how to sort, they will improve their memory as well as think more analytically and logically. Spring toys come in different forms and types. Shape sorters are good for teaching children basic shapes like triangle, square, circle and many more. Some sorters are based on sorting each piece by colour which is good for teaching children about colours. Shape and colour recognition are important skills because our world is made up of different shapes and colours.

With the popularity of sorting toys, you can expect that there is a wide selection of these toys. This is a good thing because you will know that there is a sorting toy for your child. However a wide selection of sorting toys can also cause difficulty and challenge of choosing the right one for your child. Don’t worry though because there are few things to do or look at when buying sorting toys.

If you feel overwhelmed with the choices of sorting toys in front of you, one of things that you could do is setting up a budget. Setting up a budget will help narrow down your list of sorting toys. Additionally, it helps you prevent unnecessary spending. Once you set a budget, make sure to stick with it if you are really tight on funds.

One of the first things you need to look out for when choosing a sorting toy or any toy for that matter is safety. You want your children to play the best and safest toys. There are many factors that affect the safety of a sorting toy.

The material of the sorting toy affects how safe it is. For instance, sorting toys made from plastic are more likely to contain harmful chemicals like BPA or bisphenol- A. BPA is a known hormone disruptor and could cause serious health problems like heart diseases and many more. Many toy makers will tell you that their toys are safe even if they are made from plastic. Remember there are many kinds of plastic. Sure, some of them are safer than others. However, if you are not familiar with what kind of plastic was used in making the sorting toy, you are better off choosing a wooden one. Wooden sorting toys are better for you, your child and the environment. Wood has natural antibacterial properties so toys made from wood do not get dirty easily.

Always read the product description to make sure the sorting toy you want to buy does not have detachable parts or any potential choking hazards. Read reviews online from other parents to provide you an idea on what to expect.


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