How to Choose the Perfect Open Ended Toys

Open ended toys have enormous developmental value for children. These toys are simple which makes them easy to play with. Children are not bound to any rules and there’s no objective to play around. This is one of the reasons why open ended toys are popular and are widely available.

For many parents, choosing a toy for their children is a daunting task. With so many options available in the market today, it is sometimes difficult to determine which toys are the best for their children. Here are some tips on how you can be prepared when buying open-ended toys for your little ones.


Getting a new toy for your child can be frightening as there are so many choices available in the market. Playing is very important to a child's growth and development.

Safety should be the most important factor and should always come first when deciding which toy to buy for your child. Parents often think about the immediate fun that their child will have with the toy and do not appreciate the consequences that could follow.

Knowing what toys to buy is not always easy to do especially if you don't have the right information. Unfortunately, the toy market is flooded with cheaply made toys that are often unsafe toys. In some cases poor product descriptions and false reviews are written, which can lead to the sale of an unsafe toy.

As parents, you really have to sift through all these deceitful practices and it could be very time consuming. But when it comes to your child’s safety, it’s always worth doing.


The open ended toys you buy for your child should be age-appropriate. Doing so will maximise your child’s learning and development potential.

Open ended toys that are designed for older kids tend to be more complex than those for younger ones. Sure, they are open ended and can be played however your child wants but it would be more appropriate if your child is playing with toys that are suitable for his age.


Most parents don’t consider materials when buying toys for their kids. This shouldn’t be the case though. Because the materials used in making the toy directly affect how safe it is. Toys made from cheap materials are often considered unsafe. So make sure that the materials are listed on the packaging or are in the product description of the toy.

Additionally, open ended toys are often made from sustainable materials like wood. Wooden toys are always good toys for children to have. They don’t get dirty quickly because wood has natural antibacterial properties. They’re good for tactile stimulation because of their texture. Not to mention, they are eco-friendly. So by buying wooden open ended toys, you are doing your child and nature a favour.

Supports Your Child’s Interests

Any open ended toy you buy for your child should support his interests. This could make learning and develop fun for him. If he loves animals, wooden animals and animal figurines are highly recommended. Likewise, if he loves stacking objects on top of each other, wooden stacking toys or building blocks are the best toys he can play with.


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