How to Choose the Right Alphabet Toys for Your Kids

Choosing The Best Alphabet Toys for Kids

Getting familiar with the alphabet is the first step in a child’s journey towards literacy. It allows children to know how to read and write. Knowing how to read and write improves children's ability to communicate effectively and convey their message more clearly. Having a good grasp of language and well developed communication skills set up your children for good things when they grow older and allow them to perform well academically when they start going to school.

One of the most effective ways to teach the alphabet to your children is to make learning fun and interactive. Giving boring lectures to your children will only discourage your children from learning. This is the reason why alphabet toys are good for early development. These toys make learning the alphabet enjoyable. Children learn through playing and learning and when they are having fun, they are also motivated to learn.

Toys that grow with your children is a good investment because you and your children can get the most of them. While your children grow older and learn more skills, their toys are still relevant and they can still enjoy playing them.

From building blocks to magnetic toys, there is a plethora of alphabet toys to choose from so there is an alphabet toy to suit your child’s play style and preference. Most of these toys are open-ended, meaning they can be played in so many ways. For instance, building blocks that double as alphabet toys can be enjoyed for construction play as well as learning the alphabet.

Here are a few things you need to consider before buying alphabet toys.

Safety - This should be at the of your list. You should stay away from toys that are potential choking hazards. It is better to read warnings from the toy manufacturer and make sure to only buy toys suitable for your child’s age.

Material - You are better off with wooden alphabet toys than their plastic counterparts. Plastic is not eco-friendly and manufactures consume an enormous amount of resources to produce plastic toys. It takes hundreds of years for them to start decomposing and most types of plastic are not safe. Wooden alphabet toys on the other hand are made from sustainable resources, are better for the environment and wood is known for its natural antibacterial properties. Wooden alphabet toys also provide tactile and sensory experience for your children because of their different texture.

Budget - It is highly recommended to set a budget for alphabet toys. There is a huge selection of these toys and if you do not set a budget you might overspend. Setting a budget before buying also helps narrow down your list of prospects and makes shopping easier and worry-free.

Features - Buying toys that grow with your children and provide exceptional developmental value is a good decision financial-wise. Your children can enjoy playing them even when they grow older. If storage space is an issue, look for alphabet toys that come in containers like boxes and trays.


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