How to Choose the Right Baby Gifts

Finding the right eco friendly baby gifts can be overwhelming with so many baby essentials, baby toys and baby clothes out there. But it doesn’t have to be. Aside from navigating the jungle of baby presents, you also need to find one that fits your budget and represents the new and expecting parents wishes or interests.

While we cannot tell what should be on a shopping list for new parents, we can help with the stress of finding a perfect gift for the occasion. There’s no need to stress over finding the right baby gift because it’s easier than you think.

Wish List or Gift Registry

If you're looking for newborn baby gift ideas, but aren't sure where to begin, you may want to consider creating a list or shopping the registry. When you create a baby registry, you give the expectant parents one less thing to worry about when deciding on baby presents.

Gifting for a new baby can be very fun to do. It is always better when you examine the parents preferences well in advance. This allows you to give them what they need and more importantly what they want.

Choose something practical

When someone is having a baby, the parents will be bombarded with gifts from family and friends. For most people, this can be a little overwhelming. The last thing anyone wants is a cheap plastic toy which will more than likely end up broken within hours of being unwrapped. Choosing something practical can also make buying baby presents much simpler.

Every newborn baby will need something like nappies, feeding bottles, muslins, baby skincare products and more. So there’s a lot of baby essentials you can buy and you’re definitely not going to run out of gift ideas.

And if you’re feeling generous, you can buy a stroller or a pram. This is very practical especially if the parents don’t own one yet.

You can also promote babywearing by gifting the baby’s parents a baby sling or a baby carrier. Babywearing has become popular among parents for the past few years because of the benefits it provides to both parent and baby.

Safe Baby Toys

If you decide to buy toys as baby gifts, make sure you choose toys that are safe for babies. Toys that are small enough for babies to choke on can be dangerous. Always read the label and warnings on the packaging of the toy and make sure they’re suitable for the baby’s age.

Soft dolls and plush toys are also among the most popular baby toys. Avoid buying those huge soft dolls like teddy bears. Because they might cover the baby’s face and could suffocate him.

You should consider toys that have developmental and educational value. Toys that grow with the baby are also worth buying. Musical toys for example are good for auditory stimulation. They also come in bright with often contrasting colours which is good for visual stimulation and colour recognition. Additionally, when the baby is old enough to hold the toy it’s good practice for his grasp, dexterity as well as fine motor skills.


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