How to Choose the Right Wooden Baby Toys

Why wooden baby toys?

Wooden baby toys are far better than their plastic counterparts for many reasons. Generally, wooden baby toys are safer than plastic baby toys. Anything that is made from plastic contains harmful chemicals like phthalates, BPA or bisphenol-A, PVC or Polyvinyl chloride and some even contain heavy metals like lead. Plastic toys that were labeled as BPA-free were studies and tested and the findings were interesting. Most of the toys tested still contained BPA despite the manufacturer labelling it as BPA-free. So it is definitely a good idea to just stay away from plastic toys altogether.

Age suitability

When buying wooden baby toys, make sure to check the toy’s age suitability. Some of these wooden baby toys are suitable from birth but others are suitable starting at a certain age. Some wooden toys that are for older babies might have too many detachable parts that could be potential choking hazards. Moreover, you should buy wooden baby toys that would help your baby achieve developmental milestones. Wooden toys that are too advanced for your baby’s age might frustrate her and she would lose her interest in playing the toy.

Most wooden baby toys are often marketed as educational or developmental. While this is true most of the time, you should also know which type of wooden baby toy is more appropriate for your baby’s age developmentally-speaking.

There are many books and resources online that discuss the subject of early development of babies. Make sure to read and do your own research if you are not familiar with a baby’s developmental milestones. This will guide you on what wooden baby toys to buy for your child and what you should be promoting in terms of development and early learning.

Do your research and read online reviews

Doing your research before making a purchase is definitely a good idea. You should read the product description, measurements and any relevant information about the wooden baby toy before completing checkout.

If you are at a toy shop, inspect the toy to make sure it has smooth surfaces and rounded edges. Unfortunately, you can’t do this if you are shopping online so you would have to rely on reviews from other parents or pictures provided by the manufacturer.

Reading customer reviews from different sources can also help you form an idea on what to expect from the toy.


Set a budget if you are tight on funds. Doing so prevents unnecessary spending and could help you narrow down your list of potential wooden baby toys.


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