How to Choose Toys for Your 10 Year Old

Toys are an important part of childhood. Even as children reach the age of 10, they still need the right toys to help them develop their skills further. And choosing the right toys for your 10 year old children can be a bit tricky. They are no longer kids who enjoy stacking toys and they are not yet ready for toys designed for teens.

Here’s a short guide on how to choose the right and safe toys for your 10 year old.

Age appropriate

When purchasing a toy for your child or another little person you know, it’s always wise to check the label and confirm that it will be appropriate for the child’s age. Even if your children are old enough to understand not to put things into their mouth, it is still important to buy toys that are safe and that pass quality checks.

The materials of the toy should also be listed on the packaging or in the product description. Remember, the materials and features of toys determine how safe they are and it is highly recommended to be familiar with the most common materials used in children’s toys to know which ones to avoid.

This tip also applies even if you’re buying something with educational value. For instance, if you are buying a science kit for your child, make sure that it is appropriate for his age. Not all science and experiment kits are designed for children, some of them are made for older children who are old enough to handle them.

Toys that shoot or launch anything into the air should be avoided as well. These kinds of toys are extremely dangerous to the eyes and other body parts.

Choose ecofriendly toys

Many parents often overlook the materials of the toys they buy for their kids. But this shouldn’t be the case. The materials of the toys as mentioned in the previous section determines how safe they are. These materials also have an impact on our environment.

If you want to reduce your waste and support various efforts to save our planet, it is highly recommended to choose ecofriendly toys. There are a lot of toys for 10 year olds that are made from sustainable and renewable resources.

For instance, if your child loves challenging games a wooden Sudoku set is something you should consider getting. Likewise, if your child loves games that involve strategy like chess, Djeco Chess is a good starter chess set. It is made from cardboard and comes with wooden chess pieces instead of plastic.

Continues their development

Children never stop developing their skills even if they reach the age of 10. Most of them move on to other activities and interests but toys still help them meet developmental milestones.

Arts and crafts, role play toys, board games and puzzles are playsets that have tremendous developmental value while fun to play with.

Learning and development become more fun if the toys you buy for your child support his interests. For instance, if he’s into DIY crafts, anything that encourages him to engage in creative activities will allow him to develop creative thinking, express himself freely and build his confidence and self-esteem.


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