How to Choose Toys for Your 7 Year Old

Choosing the right and safest toys is important. Whether you’re purchasing toys for a gift or your own child, safety is often a main concern. When it comes to toys, there are hundreds of options available to parents for their children. To make the best toy choices, it helps to know what your child is like, their interests and abilities.

Parents have many decisions to make when it comes to buying toys for their kids. It can be daunting to choose the right toys from the vast array of choices at the toy store. So here’s a few tips on how to choose the best and right toys for your 7 year old.


Kids love toys. But the problem is that most toys contain toxins, chemicals and other harmful materials. You surely want the safest toys around for your kids.

Read labels and product descriptions. Always look for the list of materials used in making the toy and if this information is not available, you’re better off avoiding this toy.

Any toy should be labeled as non-toxic, especially arts and crafts materials. Or the materials of the toy should be labeled as non-toxic.

The toy you want to buy should also be washable or easy to clean. Toys need to be cleaned regularly otherwise it will be unsafe for your child to play with because it will harbor germs and bacteria.


The toys that you buy for your child should be appropriate and suitable for her age. At age 7, children are ready for toys and games that offer a bit of challenge. They also have longer attention span and toys that they find fun will definitely interest them.

It’s recommended to stay away from toys that are designed for younger children. These toys tend to be simpler so your child might get bored of them quickly. Likewise, toys that are designed for older kids might be too challenging for your child which could lead to frustration.


Most of the time parents don’t pay attention to the materials of the toys they buy for their kids. But they really should.

The materials in making the toy determines whether it is safe or not. Toys that are made from cheap materials are often dangerous and could cause harm.

And then there’s the environmental considerations and implications. Toys made from plastic have negative impacts to our environment. Once they’ve reached the end of their life, they are more likely to end up in landfills or oceans. And since they’re not biodegradable, it will take hundreds of years before they start to break down.

Developmental Value

While it’s important to buy the safest toys, they should also be fun to play with. And they should bring educational and developmental value. It’s good if your child is having fun playing with her toys but it will be even better if she’s learning and developing skills while playing them.

Toys and games that support your child’s interests are also highly recommended. Not only will this maximise their developmental and learning potential, they would play with these toys for a very long time.


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