How to Clean a Teaching Clock

How to Clean a Teaching Clock

Cleaning your children’s toys is not as simple as it might seem. If you are a parent, then you know how easy it is for your kids to get their hands on things that may spread germs and bacteria around the home. A great example of this are the popular toy clocks that many children have today. You may be asking yourself, is there a way to clean these? We hope that these cleaning tips will help protect your children from harmful germs and bacteria.


Start by preparing your teaching clock for cleaning. If it has removable parts, you might need to disassemble it. You can always refer to the manufacturer’s care instructions and manual on how to go about disassembling your toy clock.

Remove any obvious dirt and grime from your toy clock using a sponge or an unused toothbrush. If you are cleaning a non-battery operated plastic toy clock, you can soak it in a bucket of soapy water unless otherwise indicated by the manufacturer.

However if you are cleaning a wooden toy clock, you should never soak or submerge it in water. Wood is a porous material which means if water and moisture will be trapped in its pores if you soak it in water. This could cause many problems. If your wooden toy clock absorbs water it will swell and you will end up with a deformed or damaged toy. Moreover, when moisture is trapped in the pores it could create a moist environment where mold and mildew would thrive. Even if the toy clock is not deformed, it could take a while to dry the wooden toy and even if the surface is dry you could not say for certain if the pores are dry too. It would be a huge risk giving your child a wooden toy clock that has been soaked in water or any type of liquid solution.

Dishwasher & Wet Wipes

Using a dishwasher to clean your toy clock is probably the most convenient way to clean it. Most plastic toys that are non-battery operated and indicated as dishwasher-safe by the manufacturer can be cleaned using this machine. Your machine and cleaning agent will do all the cleaning for you. If you don’t own a dishwasher, you can use store-bought wet wipes instead.

Spray Bottle & Cloth

Using a spray bottle is highly recommended because it allows you to control the amount of cleaning liquid that goes into your toy clock. This is particularly helpful when cleaning a wooden toy clock. Choose a cleaning product that is mild or keep it natural if possible. Use vinegar, baking soda, Castile soap or natural multipurpose cleaners. Wipe your toy clock clean using a damp cloth while spraying the surface occasionally with the cleaning agent you prepared in your spray bottle. Make sure to wipe all surface clean to make sure dirt is removed as well as excess cleaning liquid from the toy so as not to leave any residue.


You can either air dry overnight or sun dry. The heat of the sun is a good natural antibacterial but leaving your toy clock under the sun for a long period of time could cause damage to your toy’s paint finish.

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