How to Clean and Store Your Nativity Sets for Children

Nativity sets add excitement and fun to a family’s Christmas celebration. The feeling of waiting for Christmas Day to arrive while setting up nativity sets in your living room is an exciting one for sure. Many families use nativity sets to recreate the nativity scene and teach their children the message and story of Christmas.

There are many nativity sets available and they vary from design, style, materials and size. Most of the nativity sets are decoratives which means they are for decorating purposes, either outdoors or indoors. But there is still a wide selection of children-friendly nativity sets. These sets are made and designed with little children in mind which means that the pieces included in these sets do not break easily even if children play with them.

Nativity sets that are designed for children are more colourful than those that are decoratives. The main reason for this is that children often gravitate towards brightly coloured objects. They also love to move things around so nativity sets for children are durable. Little children can reposition and move nativity figures however they want. They can use these sets to recreate the nativity scene as well.

Much like any other toy, if your children are playing with your nativity sets you should make sure that these sets are always clean. Cleaning your nativity sets regularly helps protect your children from disease causing germs and bacteria. It will also keep your nativity sets in good condition if you clean them before storing them away for next year’s Christmas celebration.

If you bought plastic nativity sets, you can simply dump them into your dishwasher and your dishwasher and detergent will do the cleaning for you. Make sure that you read your manufacturer’s care instructions though to ensure that your nativity is dishwasher safe.

Cleaning wooden nativity sets for children is different from that of plastic. This is mainly because wood is porous and extra precautions and care are needed to clean them. For instance, you do not want to submerge or soak your wooden nativity figures in water or any type of liquid cleaning solution. Doing so will cause your nativity set pieces to swell and you will more than likely end up with deformed pieces and you do not want that.

Instead, what you need to do is prepare your preferred cleaning solution in a spray bottle and spritz your cleaning solution to your wooden nativity set figures occasionally. Use a mild soap or keep it natural. Castille soap is a highly recommended natural soap for cleaning any wooden playsets. Wipe each wooden nativity piece with a damp cloth and make sure to wipe any excess cleaning solution afterwards.

Either air dry overnight or sun dry if possible. The heat of the sun is a natural antibacterial so sun drying is highly recommended. However make sure to not leave your nativity sets under the sun for an extended period of time because doing so will cause damage to your wooden nativity set’s paint finish.

Once dry, store in a dry container. You can store your set with silica gel bags that absorb moisture to prevent moulds. Always store in a clean dry place.


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