How to Clean Bath Toys Naturally With Vinegar

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Bath Toys

It's easy to assume that your kid's tub toys get cleaned simply by being in the bath with them. However the bathwater they come out of at the end of the day is far from clean and tub toys can actually get pretty grimy pretty quickly if you don't clean them regularly.

One way to clean toys naturally is to sterilise them in hot water. Give them a scrub first to remove any obvious dirt and then cover them in the hottest possible water for a few minutes before removing them leaving them to dry. Or if they are dishwasher safe run them through the dishwasher.

Another great natural method for cleaning bath toys is vinegar which is a great natural cleaning agent. It is acidic making it great at dissolving mineral build-up from hard water and soap scum. It is also known to kill most species of mould which is particularly handy when it comes to cleaning toys in general.

Washing and sanitising toys with vinegar is easy and safe. Simply fill a bucket with equal parts of white vinegar and warm water. You can add a few drops of tea tree oil or lemon oil if you like. Then soak the toys fully submerged for at least an hour. If toys have cavities make sure you get the vinegar inside as well.

If toys are obviously grimy it's a good idea to give them a scrub with a brush first to get rid of the worst of the dirt. And make sure you have got rid of any excess water first, especially if you are cleaning squirty toys.

When you are done soaking pull the toys out of the vinegar solution and give them a good rinse. You might want to give them another scrub at this point to really make sure you have cleaned in all the nooks and crannies.

Once rinsed leave the toys to air dry. If you have a bathroom fan turning this on can help speed up the process. And if it's a sunny day leaving them to dry in the sun is another great natural way of killing any nasties.

This method of cleaning works for most plastic toys providing they don't have batteries so you can clean other toys at the same time. For wooden toys, you can use the same cleaning solution to wipe them down with a damp cloth.

Most wooden toys are not suitable for the bath although Plan Toys make a great range of toys with their special plan wood that are great for bath time fun.

If you have toys that are mouldy or dirty inside check out this post on how to clean the inside of bath toys.

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