How to Clean Early Learning Toys

Early learning toys are good toys for facilitating early children development. There are different kinds of early learning toys. Building blocks, shape sorters, alphabet toys, toy clocks, sorting toys and many others are considered early learning toys. These toys promote learning in many ways while allowing children to have fun. When children are having fun, their learning becomes effortless and they absorb concepts and lessons effortlessly.

Parents are responsible for providing developmental toys to make sure their children learn essential skills they need to be able to perform academically and for when they become more independent. Additionally, parents are also responsible for making sure that children are playing with the safest and cleanest toys. After a few play sessions, these early learning toys are already dirty and covered with grime, snot and all kinds of dirt. Dirty toys often carry with them harmful germs and bacteria and you do not want your children playing with these toys.

Cleaning early learning toys is not complicated. It is actually simple and easy to follow. There are different ways to clean these toys and how often you should be cleaning them depends on a lot of factors. If you are not busy, you can clean your child’s early learning toys every after play session especially if she had her friends over for an afternoon of fun play time. Weekly cleaning is the bare minimum but you should be cleaning your child’s toys as soon as they become noticeably dirty.

Most, if not all, toys come with care instructions. It is definitely a good idea to always check the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer to know exactly how to clean your child’s early learning toys and what things to avoid. If you are one of those parents that are busy and do not have much time cleaning toys, you probably opted to buy early learning toys that are made from plastic because most of the time toys made from plastic are dishwasher safe. Using a dishwasher to clean toys is probably the easiest and most convenient. If you are looking for early learning toys that are dishwasher safe, you should check out Green Toys. Their toys are made from recycled milk jugs.

If you do not own a dishwasher, you can fill a bucket with soapy water and dump your toys into it. Scrub and brush using a sponge or a cleaning brush then wipe excess soapy water before drying.

You would not do the above cleaning methods when cleaning wooden early learning toys. That is because wood is a porous material. If you submerge or drench these toys in water or any type of liquid cleaning solution, it will absorb water and become swollen. You will end up with a deformed toy. Instead, what you should do is use a spray bottle or if you do not have one you can use a small basin. Fill your preferred container with mild detergent or better yet, use something natural like vinegar or Castile soap.

Spray your toy with the cleaning solution you prepared in your spray bottle and wipe thoroughly with a damp cloth. Remove obvious dirt and grime with a sponge or used toothbrush. Make sure to wipe away any excess water or cleaning solution from your toy.

You can either air dry your toy or sun dry if sunlight is available. When sun drying, make sure not to leave your toy outside for a long period of time because the heat of the sun while a good antibacterial, can also ruin the finish of your toy.


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