How to Clean Plane Toys


Some children are naturally attracted to toy airplanes. Unfortunately, these toys are susceptible to collecting bacteria and germs. After your child’s play session, his airplane toy might be covered in mud, dirt and grime already. Cleaning your child’s favorite toy airplane is a simple way to help them be healthy and protect him from these harmful germs and bacteria.

Here’s how to get started.

Things to keep in mind

Before cleaning your toy airplanes, make sure you have read the manufacturer’s care instructions. This should be included in the manual that came with your toy or on the packaging. If you can’t find it, head over to the store’s websites and search for the information there. Alternatively, you can contact the support team of the store and get the information from them.


The amount of preparation depends how your child plays and where he is playing with his airplane toys. If your child brings his toy outside of your house, chances are it is covered with all sorts of nasties like dirt, mud and grime. Remove all these nasties from your child’s toy by scrubbing it with a sponge, a cleaning brush or an unused toothbrush. Doing so makes the entire clearing process easy for you.

If your toy airplane needs disassembling, then make sure to disassemble it according to the instructions.

If you have a battery operated toy airplane, remove all batteries before cleaning it.


Cleaning toy airplanes in the dishwasher is probably the most convenient option. Make sure that your toy is dishwasher safe before tossing it into your machine. The machine and detergent will do all the cleaning for you which allows you to do other chores while waiting for it to be clean.

Sink or Bucket

If you don’t have a dishwasher, wash your toy airplanes by hand in your sink or bucket filled with hot water and your preferred detergent. Scrub it gently with a brush or sponge.

Cleaning a wooden toy airplane

You should take a different approach when it comes to cleaning a wooden toy airplane. If you do not have experience cleaning a toy made from wood, you should know that wood is a porous material. What this means is that liquid and moisture gets trapped inside the pores of the wood and could cause all sorts of damage to your toy. When this happens, your toy would swell or it would be difficult to dry completely and remember, molds thrive in moist environments. This is the reason why you do not soak or submerge your wooden toys in water or any type of liquid cleaning agents.

Using a spray bottle is probably one of the best options when cleaning wooden toy airplanes. Prepare your preferred cleaning product in the spray bottle. It is highly recommended to keep it natural when choosing a cleaning product. You can use natural all purpose cleaner or natural soaps like Castille.

Wipe your toy with a damp cloth while occasionally spraying it with your cleaning solution. When you have wiped down all surfaces and your toy is already clean, remove excess cleaning solution from your toy by wiping it with a dry cloth. This could help prevent leaving any residue on the toy.


Drying your toy airplane should be a straightforward process. Sunlight is an effective natural way to kill bacteria and it speeds up the entire drying process so sun drying is highly recommended. However keep in mind that prolonged exposure to sunlight might cause paint fading. You can also air dry overnight if this is something you prefer.

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