How to Clean Play Market Stall and Accessories

Play market stalls are among the most popular role playing toys for children. These playsets allow children to role play as sellers of vegetables and fruits at a farmers market or a grocer selling household goods. Children love this type of role playing because it enables them to be creative and imaginative with their play. But after a few play sessions, these toys would have collected dirt and grime. As parents, we definitely do not want our children playing with dirty toys!

Regular cleaning of your play market stall is a must do. It helps protect children from being exposed to disease causing germs and bacteria. Weekly cleaning is highly recommended. However, if you set up your market stalls outdoors, you would probably need to clean it more often than on a weekly basis.

Here are a few tips on how to clean your children’s play market stall.

Many parents are busy and can’t clean their children’s toys as often as they should. This is one of the reasons why many of them buy plastic toys because they are easier to clean than wooden toys. Play market stalls are usually larger than your usual toys which makes the cleaning process a tad tiresome.

Toy manufacturers always include cleaning instructions on the packaging of their toys. Care and cleaning instructions should guide you on what to do to clean your toy market stall. Make sure to pay attention to warnings and special instructions to avoid damaging your toys.

Depending on the size of your play market stall, you can either wipe it using a damp cloth while spraying it with your preferred cleaning liquid occasionally or you have to disassemble it for a more thorough cleaning. Regardless, the cleaning process should not take hours to complete.

Using a spray bottle as a container for your cleaning solution is highly recommended. It helps you control the amount of cleaning solution that goes into your play market stalls. Having control over the amount of liquid solution is important particularly when cleaning wooden market stalls. Wood is porous and drenching your wooden playset in liquid cleaning solution would do more harm than good. The same thing goes with accessories like wooden produce like fruit and vegetables. You should never soak or submerge them in water or any liquid solution otherwise you would end up with swollen and deformed toys. Plastic accessories are more likely dishwasher safe which means all you need to do to clean them is toss them into your dishwasher and your machine does all the cleaning for you. However, before doing this make sure that your toy accessories are indeed dishwasher safe.

When choosing a cleaning agent, we recommended going for mild soap or you can keep it natural by using Castille soap. Castille is a vegetable-based soap that is made from natural ingredients. It is from chemicals normally found in detergents. You can also use vinegar which is known for its natural antibacterial properties and baking soda or sodium bicarbonate to remove tough stains.


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