How to Clean Role Play Toys

Role play toys are popular toys for children. These toys allow children a certain level of freedom to choose how and what they want to play. Most of the time children play different roles based on their experiences or interests. Children play as fantasy characters they have seen from the television or movies. Or just play as if they are their parents. Children often imitate their parents and they do so when they engage in role play activities.

The good thing about popular toys is that you have many options to choose from. However too many options can also make shopping for toys a bit difficult. So you made your research and bought the role play toys that you think your child will love to play. The next challenge is to keep her role play toys clean.

Cleaning dirty role play toys sounds either a simple task or a daunting one, depending on who you ask. Regardless, it is important to clean role play toys or any toy for that matter, properly and regularly. Dirty toys harbor a plethora of harmful germs and bacteria. And you definitely do not want your children playing with dirty toys.

When and how often should you clean your child’s role play toys depends on a lot of factors. For instance, if your child habitually brings his role play toys outside of the house then you are most likely to clean these toys more often than you would think. Likewise, if your child regularly has other children come over and play with him, you would need to clean his toys every after play session. Weekly cleaning of toys is the norm but you should clean toys as soon as you notice that they are covered with dirt and grime.

How you clean your child’s role play toys depends on a lot of factors as well but mostly on their materials. Plastic role toys (non-battery operated) are probably the easiest and most convenient to clean because you can just chuck them into your dishwasher while you do other household chores. Your machine and detergent will do all the cleaning for you. While this is certainly true about almost all plastic role play toys, make sure to still check the care instructions and confirm if the toy is indeed dishwasher safe. If the plastic role play toy is not that dirty, you can wipe them using store-bought baby wipes.

Cleaning wooden role play toys is a little different but it is still simple. The first thing you need to know is that wood is porous which means you should never submerge or drench your wooden role play toys in water or any type of liquid solution. Otherwise, you will end up with mouldy or deformed toys. We recommend using a spray bottle instead because it helps you control the amount of cleaning solution. What cleaning solution you use is entirely up to you but we suggest keeping everything natural. For instance, you can use either vinegar or baking soda. Another natural option is Castile soap, which is a vegetable-based soap free from harmful chemicals. Wipe your wooden role play toy using a clean cloth while occasionally spraying your preferred liquid solution. Make sure to remove excess liquid solution before drying to avoid any residue.

Air dry overnight or sun dry during the day. When sun drying, make sure not to leave your role play toys under the sun for too long because it would damage the paint finish.


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