How to Clean Stacking Games

Cleaning stacking games or any toy for that matter is important to keep our children away from harmful bacteria and germs. You do not want your children playing with dirty toys especially if they have developed a nasty habit of putting objects and toys into their mouths.

So here’s how to clean your stacking games toys.

Regular cleaning

Stacking games toys are the kind of toys that are more suited for indoor play. Clean these toys once every week or as soon as you notice that they are dirty. If for some reason your children are bringing these toys outside of your house or if he frequently has friends over to play with him, it is best to clean these toys every after playing session.

Always follow your manufacturer’s care instructions which are often included in your stacking games. If you have thrown away your toy’s packaging, head over to your manufacturer’s website and look for the information you need.

Cleaning solution

Choosing a good cleaning solution for cleaning your stacking games will make the entire cleaning process easy. You can definitely use your preferred multipurpose cleaning agent. But it is highly recommended to use only mild detergent.

You have many choices if you want to use natural cleaning agents. There are many natural multi purpose cleaning products available on the market. You can also use common household items like vinegar and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). You can also buy a soap that is vegetable-based called Castile soap.

Spray bottle

Using a spray bottle is not necessary but it will make your life easy as well especially if you are cleaning wooden stacking games. It allows you to control how much water or liquid solution gets into your wooden stacking games so they do not get drenched.


If you are cleaning plastic stacking games, then you can soak them in water or liquid solution to soften any dirt and grime on the surface. However you should never do this when you are cleaning wooden stacking games because wood absorbs water and moisture. You will end up with swollen and deformed toys. Moreover, there is an increased risk of mould and mildew growing in your toys.

Remove dirt and grime

Remove obvious dirt and grime by scrubbing your stacking games toys with a sponge or unused toothbrush.


If you bought plastic stacking games (no electrical components), most likely you can toss them into your dishwasher and your machine will do all the cleaning for you. However make sure that your toys are indeed dishwasher safe before using your dishwasher to clean them.

Bucket of soapy water

If you do not own a dishwasher, you can use a bucket of soapy water instead when cleaning plastic stacking games.

Use Cloth

Use a damp cloth when cleaning wooden stacking games while spraying them with the cleaning solution you prepared. Wipe all surfaces and make sure to remove any excess cleaning solution from your stacking games toys to avoid leaving residue.


Airdy your stacking games toys overnight or sun dry during the day. When you decide to sun dry, make sure not to leave your stacking games toys under the sun for too long because it will destroy their paint or finish.


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